ChobitsDigitalisV1.2 Samsung Galaxy Y Custom ROM Download

Do you want something new for your Samsung Galaxy Y? Then here is another Custom ROM brewed for your device. ChobitsDigitalis Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y.

ChobitsDigitalis Custom ROM

ChobitsDigitalis Custom ROM

Credits: HCFroyd247, Link to Support Thread at XDA Forums:

Main Features:

  • Fast, Stable and Beautiful
  • Deodexed APKs; Reindexed
  • Zipaligned; Batch Optimized
  • Cyan Themed UI;Skinned Apps
  • Go Launcher EX as default home launcher
  • Superuser Access; Busybox Support
  • Supports Dartktremor’s A2sd; Init.d scripts
  • Compatible with V6 Supercharger
  • Google Music; Gingerbread Keyboard; Swype
  • Fixed xLoud; Beats Audio; Bravia Engine Port
  • Build.prop tweaks; Boot Animation with Sound

Added Features:

  • Listnote; Fast Reboot; Where’s My Droid?
  • Quick Settings; 14 Toggles by lidroid rom
  • Alarm Droid and more to come!

How to install:

  1. Boot in Stock Recovery (hold Volume up + HOME + Power Button Simultaneously)
  2. Select “wipe data/factory reset” proceed to “YES”
  3. Select “cache partition” 
  4. Select “apply update from sdcard”
  5. Select “”
  6. Reboot your phone.
  7. First Boot will take 2-3 minutes to initialize, your phone will vibrate and will continue to load.
  8. Once it fully loaded, tap “Menu + Preferences + Backup/Restore + Reset to default” (this steps ensure that you have the default desk settings loaded)
  9. Enjoy this ChobitsDigitalisV1 Full Version!

Download Link


This update is ChobitsDigitalisV1.2.

  1. Just Flash in Stock recovery.
  2. Do not wipe.
  3. Reboot.


Download ChobitsDigitalisV1.2


  • Google Play Store; Google Search Updates; Font Reset
  • Full Bravia Engine Port; Dalvik Heap Change; Tweaks
  • Addons: Notification Toggle (highly customizable; can add app shortcuts)
  • LCD Density Changer for bigger screen space(mine is set to 99; FM radio only works at 120 density)
  • some UI optimizations; changed default lockscreen wallpaper

LITE Version

This is for an existing Custom ROM Update, DO NOT flash over stock, non-deodexed ROM.

How to install LITE version:

  1. Boot in Stock Recovery (hold Volume up + HOME + Power Button Simultaneously)
  2. DO NOT select “wipe data/factory reset” and “cache partition” (if you wipe data and cache you will get bootloops)
  3. Select “apply update from sdcard”
  4. Select “”
  5. First Boot will take 1-3 minutes to initialize, your phone will vibrate and will continue to load.
  6. Once it fully loaded, “tap Menu + Preferences + Backup/Restore + Reset to default” (this steps ensure that you have the default desk settings loaded)
  7. Enjoy!

Download ChobitsDigitalisV1 LITE version:

Optional Apps

Just search the market aka Play Store for these:

  • Widget Locker
  • Minimalist Clock Widget (clockrEvolution)

Notes and Quoted Info’s:

ROM POLICY / Disclaimer:

I will not be held responsible if any mishaps while/after flashing will occur (please follow the instructions posted here to avoid issues). This Rom may or may not work for you, therefore please don’t expect full compatibility on all firmware versions (custom/stock). But theoretically it should work on all stock roms.

By flashing this rom, you must understand that the developer reserves the right to add/omit some apps, please make sure you do a backup of your apps and a nandroid backup to restore previous installed apps.

Lastly, you as an Android user must understand that rom development takes time and effort, therefore requests may or may not be addressed quickly but please feel free to review and send bug reports so I can sort it out by releasing update fixes.


I previously had a Galaxy Y and made a ROM for my personal use, I do not have this phone right now (because I sold it) but I still managed to save the custom rom I made. I will buy a Galaxy Y unit (just for testing) probably next month so I can continue making more versions of this ROM. I am keeping an eye for a customed kernel for SGY so I can integrate it with my ROM. I hope you enjoy this initial release, because I extremely enjoyed it! Thanks.

My Inspirations for this rom are: Creed’s and Repensis Roms. Together let us make SGY’s development a fruitful and healthy environment for everyone.

Thank you for Choosing ChobitsDigitalis ROM!

by HCFroyd247

Raw screenshots:

ChobitsDigitalisv1.2 screenshots

ChobitsDigitalisv1.2 screenshots


Q. Is it compatible with my Baseband/Firmware version D****?
A. Yes. This should work across all Baseband/Firmware versions.

Q. Is it compatible with my kernel?
A. Yes and Maybe. For stock kernels, definitely yes. For Custom Kernels, please try. Just remember that these kernels are still in early development so expect some bugs that comes with it.

Q. Can I use themes from other roms?
A. You can try. It is not 100% sure that it will work. If ever it works, let me know. If stuck on Boot loop just reflash the Lite Version.

Q. Can system apps be auto-updated?
A. Yes it can be updated, but sometimes it won’t allow you because every system apps here are customized. Please send me the apk of the updated app and I will integrate it to the next Rom Update.

Q. Why use Go Launcher EX as default home launcher?
A. Because I love this launcher. This launcher has tons of effects, customizability and is very stable (IMHO). You can download themes online using Google Play Store.

Q. What is the proper method to flash full version and Rom updates?
A. It is very simple. Flash first the full version, reboot (let your phone fully load the system). Then reboot again to recovery, flash the update. (please follow the instructions carefully)

Q. What is the use of the LITE VERSION?
A. Lite version are for existing custom roms who just want the UI of ChobitsDigitalis. This will update your existing SystemUI.apk, Framework-res.apk, lidroid-res.apk and install Go launcher EX.

Q. What are the benefits of a custom rom?
A. Here is a link that pretty much sums up what I wanted to say: LINK

Q. Where are some of the stock apps?
A. If it is not present, it has been removed and replaced with apps that I believe is better and stable.

Q. Is this Rom fast and stable?
A. Yes. It has built-in task manager to kill rogue apps. But please remember, manage your apps intelligently. Android handles memory differently, just close CPU hogging apps if you find one. Try Watchdog.

Q. Why can’t I update Google Maps, Youtube, etc.?
A. Google maps, Youtube, etc may appear to have updates available in the Market, but these updates varies for devices. If you have an updated apk made specifically for GT-S5360, let me know. I will make an update for it.

Q. Why my screen doesnt turn on when receiving text messages?
A. You can use Handcent for your MMS/SMS needs. This app works with this rom flawlessly.

Q. Can you please make themes for this rom?
A. Yes I can. It is still under construction as of the moment.

Q. Will Link2sd/A2sd work on this Rom?
A. Absolutely yes. Just search the thread for the link on how to setup A2sd and Link2sd.

Q. I notice a big battery drain after flashing this Rom..
A. It is important calibrate your battery after flashing any rom. You can use CWM by clearing battery stats or search market for battery calibration tools.

Q. Why does it lag?
A. Kill or release some apps that causes your phone to lag. You can try V6Supercharger scripts or some Memory Optimizing tools available in the market.

Q. Why do I keep getting stuck in bootloop?
A. Please make sure that you follow the correct flashing procedure. Just Reflash. If still stock in bootloop, restore using ODIN (use stock) then reflash ChobitsDigitalis ROM.

Q. Why is my screen unresponsive after flashing this Rom?
A. Pull out the battery. Reflash. Please follow correct procedure.

Q. How can i back up my apps before using this rom?
A. You can use CWM backup/Restore Function (use this if you want to switch back from previous rom) or Titanim backup for user and system apps.

Q. How to make GPS work?
A. It is best to have a working internet connection (wifi/3g), turn on your GPS and wait for it to get your location. You can always try restarting your phone to refresh settings.

Q. What are Beats, xLoud and Bravia Engine?
A. Beats and xLoud are sound enhancing ports from S.E and HTC phones. They act as built-in software equalizers to boost sound for better music experience. Bravia engine is from S.E., which helps in making images sharper and more detailed.

Q. What version of busybox are you using?
A. 1.19.3, you can update to the latest version. Also update your superuser binaries to the latest version.

Q. Is V6Supercharger and other kernel tweaks compatible with this rom?
A. Absolutely yes.

Q. How’s the Memory Usage of this ROM?
A. Free RAM may go as low as 80mb; but some users attested the free ram is always at 100+ .It really depends on how many applications you installed that runs as service or background. You can select apps to kill and stop running at start-up by using Optimize Toolbox, et al (search market). After managing your start-up just freeze Optimize Toolbox.

Q. Can you please add more fonts?
A. Yes I will. I will be making an optional update for this.

Q. Why would I choose ChobitsDigitalis Rom?
A. Well, you may have stumbled on this page by accident or may be searching for roms on your own volition, no one forced you to download this rom or view this thread. You can make a choice if you want fast, stable and beautiful rom with a lot of features or just be contented in where you at right now. Either way this rom’s objective is to make SGY development alive and healthy, so please support other roms out there. If you find a better rom, let me know. I may learn something new and innovative from it. Thanks!

ENJOY! Just wanna share this one out to my fellow readers who uses Smasung Galaxy Y. FYI: ChobitsDigitalisV1.2 is Filipino made. Cheers! :D

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