3 Alcatel OT-918N Custom ROMs (Android 2.3.5)

Bored with how your Alcatel One Touch 918N looks like? Well then, you might like to try on using a custom ROM for a change! On this post, I’m sharing the 3 custom ROMs for Alcatel 918N that I had stumbled on the web. ROMs names are as follows: YONIP 918N (Base from Stock ROM), LEWA ROM, and YONIP 918N CM-ROM.

Please be reminded that these ROMs are for those with Android 2.3.5 version only. You can try with your different 2.3.x Gingerbread One Touch Blaze Glory, but I will never be responsible for any conflict it might cause.

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk. I am not liable if you damaged your phone in process. Its your responsibility. :P

These ROMs edge compared to the Stock ROM are as follows: data2ext, ext2 support, ext4 filesystem, CWM Recovery, deleted mosts of the bloatwares, added useful Apps, mosts Apps are up-to-date, UI, Reboot menu, Reboot to Recovery menu, and many more.

Credits to banjo0917 of symb.ph for sharing these Alcatel 918N ROMs in the forum.

YONIP 918N ROM V.1.2

The YONIP 918N ROM has 8MP camera settings, an ICS UI and feel, and better icon aesthetics.

LEWA ROM for Alcatel 918N

The LEWA ROM gives a lighter treat for our eyes and decent aesthetics improvements for a different feel, making your 918N experience better.

Tip: If you want to use sim2 for call, just long press then slide the call button to the left after entering the number you want to call, same with messaging.

  • LEWA UPDATE PATCH 12.07.06 : Download (Fix some minor bugs)
  • LEWA UPDATE PATCH 12.07.13 : Download (Fix some minor Bugs)

YONIP Alcatel 918N CM-ROM

Another variation of the YONIP ROM, but this time, its CM based. Still has the ICS and unlocked features from the YONIP ROM. If you are wanting to have Ice Cream Sandwich for your Alcatel 918N phone, then this one answers it.


I havent tried to install this yet, as per I do not have a unit in the house anymore. So I will just try to make a general instructions for this. Take note: be sure to back-up all your data.

  1. Copy the ROM files on your SD card.
  2. Install the ROM files via recovery.
  3. Reboot to System and let system initialized.
  4. Viola! New UI and features for your phone! Enjoy the Custom ROM.

If there is a patch/fix/update, just do the following:

  1. Reboot to Recovery.
  2. Install the fix/patch/update.
  3. Reboot.

Pretty simple as that.

ROM Support

ROM support is via this thread link. Any in-depth technical problems, please pass it on the ROM dev. Thank you.


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