Download Opera Mini 4.2 HUI132 Angry Birds Edition

Hi guys!

I would just like to share these cool OM4.2 mods. It’s Angry Birds themed. SQUAWK! Thanks to athariz of MZ. \m/ And since someone was asking me where to find OM4.2 HUI132 files, so here it is. heheh.

Opera Mini 4.2 Angry Birds Edition by athariz with Globe Settings

Angry Birds Yellow

AngryBirds OM Icon
AngryBirds OM

  • Screen Reso (240×320)
  • Angry Bird Icon
  • Angry Bird Splash
  • Skin Color: Yellow, Green, Black

Download Links: Click HERE to see the Links

Angry Birds Red
AngryBirds OM Icon
AngryBirds OM

  • Screen Reso (240×320)
  • Angry bird Icon
  • Angry birds splash
  • Skin Color: Red, Black, White.

Download Links: Click HERE to see the Links

Opera Mini 4.2 HUI132 Settings for Globe

Connection Settings

Use myGlobe Connect settings, or this:

  • APN:
  • PROXY:
  • PORT: 8080

For s40 users, without even using a prov file:

  1. Go to Phone > Settings > Configuration > Default Config. Sett: Globe Prepaid
  2. Use Preferred access pt: myGlobe CONNECT
  3. Then Act. def. in all apps
  4. Done!

Handler Settings:

  • HTTP server:
  • Socket server: socket://
  • FrontQuery:
  • Remove String from URL:
  • Other query leave it untouched.


Okay na yan! Enjoy!^_^

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