Download Opera Mini 7 Next Handler UI for Android [APK] and Java [JAR]

This release of the Handler UI versions of the recent Opera Mini Next aka OM7 has been out just right after the official release of the latest Opera Mini from the MWC12.

Did you know that the OM7 official got a 15,000 downloads only within 24hrs after its release? Right now, this number had grown into multiple times and even counting! That’s how popular is our favorite browser was. No wonder it got a HUI version right after its release.

Opera Mini Next HandlerUI APK & JAR

Thanks to our master modders (Yk_handler & dzebb) at for this release.

The Android Server that was used on these mods is:

If you want to use a different server, just play around with the filter field. Like for example:

  • Filter Field: *(\ReplaceMentServer)

Wherein; change the word ReplaceMentServer with any server name you desire.

Here’s what’s new with the Opera Mini Next:

  • Added unlimited number of Speed Dials on your homepage. Unlimited just seems too much. O.o
  • Added support for platform dictionary. Pretty nice, especially for Android devices.
  • Added support for uploading files. What? But I have been uploading files ever since OM3.x
  • Added Zoom setting.
  • Added Exit button to Android (check setting to enable). I was looking for this when I had been using OM6.5 on the Alcatel OT-918N.
  • Lots of improvement and bug fix tweaks. But the truth is, when I tried using the untouched OM7 (downloaded from, I presume that there are even bugs that still exists and/or newly created.

Here are the download links of the Opera Mini 7.0 Handler UIs:


PS. Please don’t ask for Handler Settings. XD

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