Download Opera Mini Next 7.0 + Handler Version

opera mini next 7.0 Fresh from MWC12, here’s something new from Opera Team, the Opera Mini Next aka Opera Mini 7.0

Opera Mini Next

This Opera Mini version 7.0 is the latest version of our most favorite mobile browser. It was said that it comes so as to make a deeper integration to social networks such as facebook and twitter. What else, I then decided to try it too.

Navigating on on my default mobile browser of my symbian phone, I got an S60 version of the Opera Mini Next.

The first thing I noticed was, it did not overwrite my previously installed Opera Mini 6.5 Symbian version. The Opera Mini 7 icon is also new. It is the original “O” icon, but with white-to-silver color and has the texture of an engraved globe.

It seems that there isnt much changes present on this version of Opera Mini, except for the noticeable new home screen widget-like feature. Performance-wise, haven’t really tried it for long, though I can remember that a friend of mine says that its a bit slower. I am not sure if its the UI and navigation speed or the internet connection speed. So far, I cannot see any sign of slow performance.

I only had tried using the Opera Mini 7.0 on a symbian 2nd phone unit, it is expected that its better on higher-end units, such as android smartphones. Feel free to try it for yourself. :D

Download Opera Mini Next 7.0 Handler UI 203

In case, you are looking for the handler version of the Opera Mini Next 7.0 for JAVA/J2ME supported phone units, here is the modification of sir dzeb, shared over at

  • Download Opera Mini Next 7.0 Handler JAR: [LINK]


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