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SmartNet.APK is an Android application that will turn your Android device into a Netphone. Well, its already bundled on Smart’s new upcoming and cheaply priced android phones, called as “Netphones”, and so those android phones were also referred  as Android Netphone Edition. Thank you to this SmartNet.apk application.


SmartNet on the Netphone Samsung Y

The SmartNet app buffs your android phone with many additional and extra stuff to increase your social and android experience. For those who aren’t into buying another android phone, as per they already have one, many are still looking for the Smartnet.apk file.

If only I do have an android phone, or maybe this Smart Netphone, I will be using a Root Explorer and extract that SmartNet.apk from inside my android’s system and then upload it somewhere to share it here with you guys. But unfortunately, I do not, not even a plain android phone though. LOL

Well, the good news is, this will be out sooner or later. You’ll just have to be patient. All android phones can be a Netphone too! I’ll keep you updated regarding this stuff. Sorry for failing your expectation on finding the SmartNet.apk with this post.^_^

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