New Huawei Dashboards (for e357, e303, etc.)

Here’s a couple of Mobile Partner dashboards for Huawei flash modems, basically the e357 and e303. This can be also used on Globe e303 flash stick modems. A guy from forum successfully managed to flash his Huawei e303 4G stick and is now using these set of nicely looking mobile partner dashboard themes.

Here’s how the mobile partner dashboard looks like with the themes on:

Huawei e357 e303 Mobile Partner Themes

default skin

Huawei e357 e303 Mobile Partner

flower skin

Huawei e357 e303 Dashboard Themes

incredible India skin

Huawei e357 e303 Dashboard

work skin

Huawei e357 e303

funkystan skin

New Dashboard’s Features:

  • Text Messaging
  • Call feature
  • Statistics
  • Phone book
  • 5 good-looking themes to chose from

Note that this dashboard works for Huawei e357, e303c, e1550, e1552, e153 and later releases of new modems.

Warning: This is a firmware update/flashing process. You have to flash your eXXX modem in order to have the dashboard set to default for your modem.

Disclaimer: holds no responsibility on whatever damage this procedure may result. Do at your own risk.

Reminders when flashing:

Huawei Datacard Update Screen

this is how the update screen looks like

  • Be sure to back-up first your modem’s original firmware before proceeding on the flashing process.
  • A power source for your PC that cannot be interrupted (in case of brown-out’s) is much preferred. Be sure to have a full battery when using laptop/netbook.
  • Do not unplug device while updating.

Download and use this update file from Huawei site: {link} | File details: UTPS23. (2012-02-24, e303c Dashboard, 65Mb)


credits: kaaru07 {link}

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