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What is a Prov File?

PROV FILE means Provisioning File for Nokia S40 (series 40 v2, v3 and v5) Phones. Its the configuration settings of your connection for internet/mms/streaming.

Why do I need to use a Prov File?

Nokia doesn’t recognizes the proxy we manually set via the Personal Configuration settings for JAVA Apps. That’s why Opera Mini, Bolt, Shmessenger, Ebuddy, and other java apps wont connect in the internet if there is no proper xml provisioning activated.

Do I need a Prov File?

If you are a Nokia S40 Phone user, you definitely need to have a prov file. Check out this link to see if your phone is listed: List of Nokia S40 Phones.

How can I make Prov Files?

Making prov files is easy. You can just use this online service and generate the prov file on your own: Easy Online Prov Maker. Just make sure you fill up the necessary entries required (ie; IP, PORT, APN).

I actually dont go to that site when I need to have a new prov file for my friends. I just edit the prov by my own, using my S60 phone. Using X-plore, edit the prov file via hex and change the values you need to change, commonly its only the IP address.

How to use Prov Files

Just transfer the .prov file to the s40 phone via Bluetooth, even from PC or CP that doesnt reads the prov such as S60 phones, China phones and other Non-Nokia S40 phones. It is really important that it will be sent through Bluetooth only.

After sending, save the configuration then go to PHONE SETTINGS >CONFIGURATION
and activate on all apps or choose the prov as your Default Settings. Done!

Only 70 sets allowed. Settings discarded.

If you happen to get this error upon receiving the prov, just delete any other configuration you have then try again.

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