Beware of the Facebook Virus in Relation to Ramgen-Janelle Video

Hi guys! Have you watched the part 2 of the Janelle and Ramgen sex video scandal? The first one was said to be first out on facebook, it was on mp4 video file format, that was really suitable for playback on mobile devices. I guess it was converted by the video uploader functionality on facebook,  as the video was seen to be taken via a digicam. So we can conclude that, it was really first out on facebook, and then it easily spread throughout the internet. This issue caused a lot of noise in the internet world, and then here comes the part 2 of this.

It was claimed that there was a series of videos made. Then after the spreading of the first video, which was shot inside a bathroom with showers, the part 2 of the video was claimed to be filmed inside the bedroom, and yeah on the bed.

Well, I am not really good at making some news scoop, and this isnt actually a news scoop. Let me just post this, as to inform that a virus script on facebook is currently spreading and taking advantage of this issue.

Ramjen and Janelle Scandal Facebook Virus

Ramjen and Janelle Scandal Facebook Virus

So if you see a post on facebook, with relation to the Ramgen and Janelle Sex Video Scandal, like the one above, do not ever click it, like or comment on it. Just report it and mark it as spam. You’ll never know that you might be posting it too without you knowing, (even if you are offline) and that’s because the script was coded to be like that; to make it easily viral.

Download Link: Ramgen Janelle Bedroom Scandal

Going back to the scandal issue, oh yeah, Janelle is really a hot one, but on their current situation like that, (as what I am hearing from news) its not something to be of fun. Sorry guys, but no links will be provided. This is not a p()rn site. heheh ^_^

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