How to Edit OpenVPN Config Files

Some of you might still doesn’t know how to edit these config files I am talking about every time, when OpenVPN updates are released thus requiring a slight change or edit on the config files. I then decided to make this sweet and short tutorial for you.

Editing OpenVPN config is so easy.

Browse into the folder of your OpenVPN Files. In my case, I will show you with Hotspotshield VPN.

HotspotShield VPN Files

HotspotShield VPN Files

As you can see, there are only two folders right there. Open the data/ folder and then browse to the config folder. From there you will see the OpenVPN config files. They are the files with .ovpn extensions.

HSS Config

HSS Config

The other files doesn’t matter. To be able to edit the config files, we just have to open the .ovpn files via Notepad.

HSS Config Codes

HSS Config Codes

Opening it with Notepad, you can see a lot of codes and command lines. From here, you can start editing it. But wait, you cannot just edit it without the knowledge of what to edit and why edit, right?

I  mean, you must be familiar with the OpenVPN codex. Hell no, in our case, on most of my posts about using VPN, I was usually saying that: edit config, change lport and remote port.

What are the lport and remote ports?

Well, they are on the config files.



Look for the line that starts with the word: lport

The number value was the local port. For the currently working VPN config settings on GLOBE, it must be 52 or 51. While on SMART, it is still 53.

Remote Port

Remote Port

Then the other one is the line that starts with the word: remote. You can see a couple of numbers here. The first one is an IP address, then it is followed by the port number itself. (remote IP and remote port)

The currently working remote port for GLOBE VPN Settings for this year 2012, are: 137 and 9201

While for SMART, the default value provided by the VPN server settings will still work.

So that’s it! You do not have to mess with the other stuff written on the config files, unless stated.

To end this, you should save the file, simply by pressing Ctrl+S, and then youre done and good.^_^

Hope that helps.

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