GLOBE Immortal Promo is Back!

globe immortal 2012 The GLOBE Immortal Promo is now back again this 2012. Many have been wanting for this promo to return, Globe might just heeded on peoples shouts for the promo’s return and here it is again.

Globe Immortal Promo 2012

Globe Immortal Promo 2012

The IMMORTAL TEXT and CALL promo by GLOBE has been always a pocket saver for everyone. I remember myself when I couldn’t switch to TM network, despite the low-cost unli subscriptions, I was using IMMORTALTXT way back then. But when the promo had ended, I switching to TM network was the best choice  for saving and being practical.


Here are the IMMORTAL promos available now:


  • 25 texts to Globe/TM plus 5 texts to other networks
  • for only 15 Pesos


  • 50 texts to Globe/TM plus 5 texts to other networks
  • 5 minutes of calls to Globe/TM
  • for just 25 Pesos

Sweet deal right? :D To subscribe for the IMMORTAL promos, just dial or call *143# (free of charge) and then browse for the IMMORTAL promo menu. Tried it on TM just to see a message saying that I am not allowed to yous that service. XD

Easy and sweet right? But wait, take not of these notes.


  • Users can only accumulate up to 100 immortal texts or 10 immortal call minutes at any given time.
  • 5 Pesos maintaining balance is required to use expiry-free allocations from Immortal TXT or Immortal Trio.

Still, a good deal for Globe subscribers. Im gonna tell my father about this, he’s one an avid user of this service since long before. :D

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