Huawei HiLink E303: USB Stick Modem with WebUI

I just saw a thread in forum about the Huawei HiLink E303. The OP is seeking for help with this newly launched Vodafone modem on Egypt. I do not know much about this, yet its a good source of information to know that this Huawei technology might be brought here on Philippines as well. Check it out.

What’s special with this USB modem is, it doesnt have com ports and a mobile partner dashboard.  The modem works as soon as you plug it in your PC/machine just like those BM622/BM625 WiMAX modems that are plug-and-play. The new modem installs a virtual network card based on Microsoft NDIS api library, from which the NDIS comes configured already with ip address that leads you to its dashboard.

Its dashboard, or better off called as “web GUI/web UI” can be accessed by typing on your browser once the USB plug-it modem stick is connected.

Huawei E303 HiLink WebGUI

Huawei E303 HiLink WebGUI

The OP said that he tried using DC-unlocker to unlock this Huawei E303 modem, had success with the process as stated by the unlocker app but when he tries to access the webUI he gets redirected on a page that asks for an unlock code. The problem here is: the input box for the unlock code is grayed-out and is not editable.

Here’s how the modem looks like:

Huawei E303 HiLink USB Modem

Huawei E303 HiLink USB Modem

Since its a new modem, it seems that there isn’t much available information on the internet yet about tweaking with this Huawei E303 USB modem. There isn’t a way to change its dashboard yet, but I a’m guessing that it maybe wouldnt possible to use it on normal mobile partner dashboards.

It makes me think that a hope could be possible only by flashing the modem with a different firmware, just like what the experts did on BM625 WiMAX modems, plugged with Libya Firmware replacing the default Huawei Echolife firmware. But as of now, there isnt a tutorial or program existing on the internet.

With that said above, it might be totally unlocked for use on different networks.

Here’s some piece of data extracted from DC-unlocker’s scan info:

  • Manufacturer – Huawei
  • Model – Huawei E303 HiLink
  • Interface :
  • Firmware :
  • Hardware ver. : CH2E303SM
  • Web UI version :

Huawei might roll out with these kinds of modems in the future. I wonder when will it reach our country, and which network will give it on the public. It might be possible that some users might be able to exploit the use of this modem, just like what did they do on WiMAX modems that gives them free and unrestricted internet access by changing MAC addresses.

What about you, what do you think guys?

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