64 bit VPN: Install TAP-HSS [Tutorial and Error Fix]

64 bit VPN: TAP Install Problem on 64bit OS

I had no idea at first that the TAP-HSS installer I had provided on my post regarding “Free Internet on Globe Tattoo and SmartBro Broadband using ExpatShield VPN” doesnt works for 64 bit OS of Windows 7 computers. Not until I had encountered it myself when somebody asked me to set-up HotSpotShield VPN on her laptop. I cannot install the TAP-HSS driver, in which it was required for the HSS by Anchorfree 64 bit VPN to work, and so I failed. T_T

Also, I have a friend that used to ask me about this matter. She said that she always get an error and cant make the HSS VPN work. I always answer her with, “go install the TAP-HSS adapter. Run the add_tap.bat…” and so on. I do not know it that, she uses a 64bit OS and the provided 64bit TAP installer on my previous post doesnt works.

I am using a 32bit OS that’s why it took late before I had my attention to this matter. Anyways, every problems has a solution. :D and this 64 bit VPN problem too has a solution. Thanks to the mighty tech-people over at symb.ph for sharing these information.^^


64 bit VPN: Fix

If you cannot install addtap_hss_adapter.bat properly, try this solution by 89dufpoqidjv of symb.ph (thanks to him)

  1. Download this file: EXS2.exe 7.621 MB *see update at the end of this post*
  2. Install it.
  3. Then restart pc and boot on safemode.
  4. Delete Expat Shield folder from its instalation directory C:\Program Files\Expat Shield
  5. Restart pc and boot normally.


  • Just delete the folder and never uninstall ExpatShield
  • For vista/7 users remember to right click and run as administrator and change compatibility mode into XP mode
  • You dont know how to boot on SafeMode? Check this link.

Then you are done! You are now able to run and connect both Hotspotshield VPN and Expatshield VPN on your 64bit PC!^_^


64 bit VPN: Alternative

There is an easier way. haha. LOL Just restart your PC and boot into safemode. Then try to install the addtap_hss_adapter.bat :D

It will install successfully. XD

64 bit VPN

64 bit VPN

If this method doesnt works, please proceed on the first method, the long-cut way. :D

After this, I just found out for myself that the 64bit OS is somehow very restrictive. LOL. But at least we should still be thankful because there is always a workaround. Enjoy this 64 bit VPN tutorial fix!^_^

Update: Since the link to EXS2.exe isnt live anymore, here is the new link where you can get the installer of EXS. http://expatshield.com/expat-shield-download.php

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