GLOBE Magic IP 2012 Update: Working Again!

globe magic ip 2012 Hi guys! Magic IP is now back, and working again. Thanks to the FREE FB trick. :D Now that we got magic ip back, its now again the time for us to be able to use unmodded applications to work and connect to the internet for free. That’s what we call magic. :D

GLOBE Magic IP 2012

GLOBE Magic IP 2012

Here is how to enable GLOBE Magic IP again:

  • First, register on FREE FB. Just send FREE FB to 8888.
  • Then use the following settings:



PORT: 80

That’s it! You can now use applications that connects on the internet, for free! If you can remember, the proxy is the old magic ip we are using before. Now it works again, only by the FREE FB trick. Thanks to GLOBE’s FREE FB promo. I do not know if up until when it will last. Just enjoy it while it works. :D

FREE FB trick, also works on the default MyGlobe INET settings, but using the default and blank proxy settings, is very slow. So with magic ip, you can now enjoy a faster browsing and downloading. Android and other smartphone users will greatly benefit on this. :D Enjoy! ^_^

update: check out this .txt file for more source of magic ip. CLICK HERE

Update again!

Since wala na yung FREE FB, di na to gagana. Pero kung gusto mo ng sulit na internet sa phone mo, like kung Android yan o iPhone, ganito lang ang gawin mo:

  1. Magregister ka sa SUPERFB or ASTIGFB. Text SUPERFB to 8888 pag GLOBE, pag TM naman send ASTIGFB to 8888.
  2. Then in 1-day, may libreng internet ka na, gamit ang Magic IP’s o yung myGlobe INET lang sa halagang P10 lang!

Sulit na din diba? ^_^

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