Download Heroes Lore Zero English for Touchscreen Phones

Looking for a touchscreen version of this very awesome mobile game, Heroes Lore Zero? Okay, here is a full english version of the game, and it works pretty much fine on most touch screen phones.

Heroes Lore Zero (English-Touchscreen)

You can easily download it from this [Mediafire] Link. Its a 1.15MB JAR file, so it will install on almost all JAVA-enabled touch screen phones that supports jar files with big archive and screen sizes. Source claims that it even works fine on a MyPhone T23 Duo mobile phone, and as we all know, this phone doesnt have high specs, but its a java-enabled touchscreen phone.

Here is the screenshot of the touchscreen and english version of the game:

Heroes Lore Zero English: Touchscreen Snaps

That’s it! Enjoy! :D

I am not into mobile gaming, and I personally doesnt play this because I do not want to get myself addicted to it. So for tips, tricks and guides for this game, expect nothing from me. XD

Oh wait. while searching in google, I just stumbled upon Heroes Lore III for iPhone. All I can say, that its freaking awesome from how it looks!

Heroes Lore III for iPhone

Well, what do you expect from iOS games. -__-

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