Download Heroes Lore Zero English (JAVA) + All Reso + Cheats

Heroes Lore Zero has been the game waited by many avid mobile gamers. Before, it wasn’t really available for everyone as it was only for Korea people. But now, here is the English version of the game, you can play it now better than the CN version. Thanks to the translator. :D

Heroes Lore Zero English

Heroes Lore Zero English

Game Name: Heroes Lore Zero 
Language: English-Chinese

Description: Beautiful graphics, an intriguing plot, open multiple endings. 6 locations, over 400 items and weapons, More than 100 monsters, 30 skills, 30 levels available.

Cheats: Cheats are already built on in-game. Press right soft key and see the available options for cheats. This includes cheats for increasing money, increasing level, adding a secret menu which opens in right hand soft key menu giving you access to all the weapons, armors, potions, stones etc.


Heroes Lore Zero Walkthrough

The game is almost english, though it still have some untranslated parts, I’m sure you can play it and get the most of the game’s flow and system. But if you find it difficult playing the game, there is this walkthrough that will help you. I suppose you already know how to use walkthrough’s. :P click this > Heroes Lore Zero Walkthrough.

Download Heroes Lore Zero + Multi + Hack | Direct Link

PS: I haven't tried this one yet. :P I'm not into mobile gaming nowadays. haha. XD
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