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The game Pinoy Henyo from the noon time variety show, Eat Bulaga, grew its popularity since its rise from the TV show. We cannot deny the fact that Pinoys are really enjoying this kind of game. It is even used on party games or even just normal bonding moments for Filipino families.

I first saw this game played from a mobile phone on a party I had once attended this December. A group of party-goers are having fun saying “Oo” (Yes), “Hindi” (No), “Pwede” (Maybe) on someone with an android phone landscaped on her forehead. Then I knew it, they are playing Pinoy Henyo, and hey that’s a very cool app!

Pinoy Henyo APK

Pinoy Henyo APK

So I decided to look for it too. Luckily, it is already available in google, and can be easily downloaded. Kudos to the game developer, as it really was an awesome game development!

Game Modes:

  • Henyo Word – Guess 1 henyo word as fast as you can in two minutes
  • All You Can – Guess as many words in two minutes
  • How about 3 – Similar to all you can but in three minutes

Only with just a slight touch of techie-ness, the APK game brings the same excitement and happiness the game used to deliver on its players and audiences. The best part of it is, you can save a lot from cardboard/papers and inks as well, if you are doing a homemade version of this really famous Word Guessing game.

Version 1.2.0 Features:

  • You can now see a loading progress bar indicator
  • Play with an additional 900 words
  • You can now set the categories: tao, bagay, hayop, lugar, pagkain
  • You should hear beeps before the game ends (10sec)
  • You can now toggle the scroll settings
  • You can also randomize your henyo words in custom game

Currently, it is only available for Android devices. I saw someone looking for it and she just want to install it on her Symbian S60v3/v5 device. But unluckily, there isn’t one available yet.

Download Link: Pinoy Henyo APK

Here is the link: [MF Link]

Or you can just scan this QR code:

QR Code - Pinoy Henyo APK

QR Code - Pinoy Henyo APK

It might be also searchable within the AppMarket.

EnjoY! :D

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