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Temple Run is a popular and addicting game on iPhone/iPod or iOS. From the start, it has been a game only for iOS devices, and there is no Android version of this game. But now, as Imangi Studios sees how it had expanded into a breakthrough on the mobile gaming scene, realizing the need for expansion into Android version is their very smart move.

Temple Run for Android

Temple Run for Android

So an Android version of the game, Temple Run, will be available for download in the market on March 27, for FREE.

Quoting from Keith Shepherd, Imangi Studios co-founder:

“We are excited to finally share the Android release date with our fans who have been so enthusiastic and supportive of Temple Run. By expanding to more mobile devices, we hope to provide the same addictive and fast-paced gameplay to an entirely new group of players.” – Shepherd

I had experience playing this game on iPhone and iPod, and I can say that this game is really fun to play. Or maybe, the iPhone really is an awesome gaming device. Well, playing temple Run is a good way to kill time and exercise your reflexes as the game needs you to be high on it in order for you to run farther. Some also finds the bragging rights for obtaining high scores and then comparing it with their co-“Apple users” peers.

It would also be great if there would be a symbian version of this Temple Run in the future too. Remembering the game “I Must Run” on symbian, which I had played on a Nokia N8, Temple Run is far way more better than that.

And I had also remembered! On our local forum, I had seen someone looking for a cheat on this game. He says that his mate brags about his almost 2 million points in highscores. That was too much then. But still, why cheat?

Returning on the games release date news, as for me, I am not waiting because I do not have an Android phone right now. :D

Download UPDATE! Temple Run for Android is now Available!

Today is March 27, that means, Temple Run is now available for download! You can now download it directly on your Android phone, through the Play Store app. :D

Temple Run for Android

Temple Run for Android - now available for download!

For more info, you can try checking out this link:

Meanwhile, you can try downloading this Temple Run v1.0 APK file through this mediafire link:

Here are some in-game screenshots, taken from the Google PlayStore:

I do not have an Android phone in the house right now, so I can’t test it out myself. But some reports says, that it works well on their phones, while on the others, it is laggy.

Others says that it has a bug that when the “Run Again” button is clicked again, it exits. Then some receives this notification: “the application Temple Run (process com.imangi.templerun) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again..”

Samsung Galaxy Y users, also said that it lags, but maybe when used with ChainFire3D, Temple Run might run with no lag anymore.

For the others sake, here is also the ARMv6 version of Temple Run by Nitroxid:

If the original version doesn’t works well with your phone, you can try then this other version of Temple Run, it might run better.

That’s it! Enjoy android users! :) Let’s hope for the developers to make fast improvements with this game to reduce those bugs and lags, thus making a somehow equal feel to playing it with the iPhone. Anyways,what’s your highest score with this game?

Update: Problems installing? Lag? Compatibility issues? Check out the fix and tips from my post here –>

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