Download ZTE Modem Dashboards

Hi guys!

In case some of you are looking for the installers or .ISO files of a ZTE modem dashboard, well here it is! :D

Thanks to ExcL of for the links and screenshots.

Smart BRO (Sandbox)

smart dashboard

Globe Visibility

Globe Visibility Dashboard

Globe Visibility Dashboard

Join AIR

Join Air ZTE Dashboard

Join Air ZTE Dashboard


3Connect ZTE Dashboard

3Connect ZTE Dashboard

These dashboards will work, whatever network you have, as long as your modem supports the sim card inside it. You must have the proper settings on your modem though.

Download Links:


This will only work with ZTE modems. Like for example, the Smart ZTE MF627 modem (the black power plug-it). I have tested it too. My classmate uses the JoinAir dashboard as I have advised. :D

I am not using these as per I am using a Globe E153 Huawei modem. XD

The 3Connect dashboard looks pretty nice. :D

Since these are ISO files, you can just write these dashboard files on your modem and replace your usb stick’s default. You still have to do it by process. LOL

But, you can just install this,use powerISO to extract the installer files inside the iso file, or whatever way you want; ie: mounting.

Enjoy! I just don’t have anything to post today. Hahah. ^_^

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