Opera Mini 6 and 6.1 MyGlobe Connect Patch by Hideki – S60V2

Opera Mini 6 Patch - S60v2 by Hideki

I would just like to share the OperaMini.app I am using right now. Heheh. I am tired of using OM4.2hui132 after the fall of Magic IP’s, I missed this OM6, yep the tabbing experience, that’s why I decided to mod this one for my self fulfillment. XD

Just a quick patch for your OM6-S60V2. Server used was: http://m.facebook.com@

heheh. Just use MyGlobe Connect as connection :P

No overwriting, bookmarks, save pages, and splash will be kept.

Install in the drive where OM6 is already installed. This only works on OM6 that is not independent.

DOWNLOAD HERE: Opera Mini 6 Patch – S60v2 Globe, Opera Mini 6.1 Patch – S60v2 Globe

For requests, email me: beyondhideki{ a t }gmail{ d o t }com

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