Playing HD Games on Samsung Galaxy Y

Are you looking for good games for your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360? You can get most of the games from the Android Market, or just from the Samsung Apps Store. But if you are a hardcore gamer from the heart, I know you wanted to play HD games too, right?

NOVA HD on Samsung Galaxy Y

NOVA HD on Samsung Galaxy Y

However, the problem with the Samsung Galaxy Y S5360, it lacks the appropriate GPU characteristics in order to play these high definition games. But its a good thing that, there is something we can do. Are you familiar with 3DA? Its a windows application that lets you play HD games on your low-end pc, or perhaps, it makes the game compatible and running for your pc.

But wait, we wont be using that on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360. heheh. Its impossible. Though there is a similar android apk application that will do the same job. Yay!

It is called:

Chainfire 3D

ChainFire 3D

ChainFire 3D

ChainFire 3D is an android application by Chainfire of XDA forums that can interact with Android GPU (OpenGL), making HD Games to play better on certain android devices.

ChainFire 3D Features

Here are listed features of what ChainFire3D can do for your android device:

  • OpenGL driver CF3D
  • Nightmode
  • Convenient shortcut to toggle
  • Supports red, green, blue, amber and salmon ways
  • Global OpenGL handling
  • Reduce the size of texture
  • Reducing texture quality
  • Unwind textures
  • Load plugin
  • *(Pro) Disable detection Chainfire3D
  • *(Pro) handling OpenGL on a per-app
  • *(Pro) Fix the setting of market

*Those with (Pro) are features only available for Pro version (paid) of the application.

Download ChainFire 3D

You can easily download ChainFire 3D from the android market. As well as via this QR code.

ChainFire 3D QR code

ChainFire 3D QR code

Market link (mobile): market://details?id=eu.chainfire.cf3d

Market link (desktop):

Using ChainFire 3D

Before you can use CF3D, you must have a rooted system Go root your Samsung Galaxy Y first. Yeah, we know that rooting your phone does voids its warranty, still you can unroot it or just reset it to revert its system to default. Anyways, being a SuperUser is cool! :D

Download and install ChainFire 3D.

HD games are originally unplayable on Samsung Glaxy Y due to its low GPU capability. But by using CF3D, playing HD is now not a dream anymore. Here are some of the HD games that run smooth on a Samsung Galaxy Y:

  • Avatar
  • Brother in Arms 2
  • Dead Space
  • Dungeon Hunter
  • FIFA10
  • Gangstar West Coast Hustle
  • GT Racing
  • Hero of Sparta
  • NFS Shift
  • NOVA
  • PES 2012
  • HAWX
  • Modern Combat
  • and many more.

Galaxy Y Gaming Blog have a wide collection of HD games testing and info’s for Samsung Galaxy Y. It also got data files needed, videos, screenshots, and complete instructions on how to set ChainFire 3D on those HD games respectively. You can check it out.

Wait! Even if your android phone is not a Samsung Galaxy Y, you can still use this application. It can be also used to improve game performance on certain android devices and on much more purposes, depending on the end-users’ needs.

Enjoy playing HD games on your Samsung Galaxy Young! ^_^


Chainfire/ChainFire3D XDA –

Galaxy Y Gaming Blog –

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