Working ClockWork Mod Recovery for Cherry Mobile Titan W500

This is actually a Spice Mi-500 working ClockWork Mod but since the Cherry Mobile Titan is just a rebranded Spice Mi-500, this is expected to work with our local device as well. If some of you doesnt know it yet, the CWM lets you do a couple of useful and advance stuff with your phone compared to your useless stock recovery feature. One great use of it is applying patches and tweaks without the need of flashing those stuff via PC.

With CWM installed, you can now do all these tricks within using your phone only.

Here’s how the CWM looks like:

ClockworkMod Recovery for Cherry Mobile Titan

ClockworkMod Recovery for Cherry Mobile Titan

You can access CWM by pressing the volume UP together with the power button and holding it for some seconds while booting up the device.


First of all, you need to download these:

  • Clockwork Mod Recovery for Cherry Mobile Titan/Spice Mi-500 {LINK}
  • Stock Recovery. Just in case you might want to get back to your old and boring recovery.
  • Mobile Uncle Tools. Just search for it on the Play Store. Im suggesting that you must already have rooted your device so that this app will work without problems. Read: Tutorial on How to Root the Titan W500.


  1. Copy the Clockwork Mod recovery.img file, to the SD card of your device.
  2. In the Mobile Uncle tools app, select the option: Update Recovery.
  3. Choose the file you copied in step 1.
  4. It will ask for a confirmation if you want to flash the recovery, select yes.
  5. That’s it! Wait for the process to finish. Viola! CWM has been flashed to your device.

We dont have a CM Titan unit to test so we would love to hear some feedback for the sake of others. :D

Enjoy! credits to the guys over XDA for the share. {source}

By the way, have you heard about it yet? The Cherry Mobile Titan is being sold for a higher price? Does this means that it will have a price increase for real? Read more of this news here: Cherry Mobile Titan Price Increase.

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