Beware of the Gamepad and Gameloft Scam

Every time I check my messages on the SIM card that is on my router, I always get these Gamepad and Gameloft load deductions from subscriptions I never made. I’m really getting tired of this bs, it made me publish a post about it.



Have you ever received the same message from 2479?

1/2 Hi! You have received your weekly Gameloft Club credits for just P20.

2/2 Choose your 3 games by clicking this link: http://———- Text GAMELOFT OFF to 2479 to unsubscribe.

You still have 13 game(s) left to download. Unsubscribing to Gameloft Club will forfeit your game credit(s).Text YES to continue.

Even after opting out for subscription, just a week later, I got subscribed again for another P20. Imagine, P20 weekly and you are on postpaid account, its a free mine for them. How about prepaid subscribers? Imagine just loading up exact amount you ought to use for a promo and poof, you’ll get subscribed for the shit you don’t need, wasting your money and time topping-up your mobile credits.


1/2 You have unsubscribed from Gameloft Club. You will no longer receive weekly game credits.

Back in the days of JAVA phones, Gameloft is one of the popular names on the mobile gaming scene, but games are so costly; people managed to find out ways of getting the games for free. Do you think what is happening now is a counter-play from Gameloft? But it is ethically acceptable?



Here is another one, the GAMEPAD scam from 2151.

GAMEPAD: Click to dload Party Dance game for free! You’ve been charged P5 for your 1 day access. Enjoy best games for

GAMEPAD: Click to dload Party Dance game for free! You’ve been charged P5 for your 1 day access. Enjoy best games for only P5/day. Visit? Text STOP GD to 2151 to optout for free. Qs? Call 09176437770 or email?, M-S, 6AM-12MN FREE INFO: Sumali na sa Gamepad’s Play, Snap and WIN at manalo ng upto P5,000 worth of SM GC ngayong pasko! Visit for more. Promo from Nov 1

It is the same with Gameloft scam, even after you text STOP GD to 2151, you will still be subscribed again after a few days. P5/day for one month for shit you don’t care about? It could be small but do the math, it is worst than the Gameloft scam.


Why would people even care for these JAVA games when it is already the era of Android and iOS smartphones? You can easily download games from the Play Store and App Store without being charged out of your consent.

I have two theories:

1. GLOBE colluded with these sites so that they can earn from all their unknowing subscribers. It may look like it is just a small amount daily, but do the math with all the subscribers that is being victimized by this scheme, its a big number. GLOBE will just say “unsubscribe to it”, but guess what, you’ll be subscribed again in a few days and the process will repeat over and over again.

2. You get automatically subscribed by visiting sites with ads of these Gamepad and Gameloft trash stuff. It is phishing. It fetches your mobile number and have it subscribed, add it to their illegally and unethically acquired list of people to steal to (subscribers).

I am more inclined to believe that the latter is what’s most likely happening here.

This GAMEPAD and GAMELOFT Scams must end

But even with tons of complaints directed to GLOBE through different mediums (social media, official community forum, blogs, customer service calls), still GLOBE won’t do shit about it. Just the blanket “unsubscribe to it” escape statement.

If GLOBE really cares for its customers, they shouldn’t let this happen to them. But then again, its money so look again to theory number 1.

Its just sad that people get robbed unknowingly of their prepaid or postpaid load balance and there’s nothing we can do about it. Not unless someone big will step up and show care for the Filipino people regarding the matter. I really hope someone can initiate legal action towards this so this can stop.

How to protect yourself from the GAMEPAD scam

I just saw this post of /u/thisisnot9gag from the /r/Philippines subreddit where they are talking about the same subject, it might be worth a try.


I will be sending an email to and see what will happen next. If this turns to be the solution to the Gamepad scam, only the Gameloft scam problem is left but its a step.


gamepad update

Still monitoring if I will ever be subscribed again to this Gamepad service, so far so good.

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