Cherry Mobile Flare Real Price is Php3,999 only!

Don’t be a victim of overpricing. There has been a lot of reports from Cherry Mobile fans that they are seeing the Cherry Mobile Flare now being sold at a price tag like of more or less Php5,999!

The real price of the Cherry Mobile Flare is just Php3,999 since its launch, up until now, and won’t change or increase up to that extent.

Cherry Mobile official fanpage already took its action regarding this, calling the attention of potential Flare buyers that be aware and reminded of the actual price tag of this hot-sell Android phone.

Cherry Mobile Flare - Price

Price of the Cherry Mobile Flare is Php3,999!

The logic here is just simple, since the Flare is having a stock shortage problems, due to high demand, some stores are taking this an advantage for them to earn more profit in their business by putting a big bump on the SRP of this commendable 4-inch Android phone.

Its really hard to find a place where you can buy Flare, but Cherry Mobile promises to replenish it so soon and be available nationwide so why settle for a pricey offer?

I guess biting into that kind of offer kills the one main selling point of the Flare: awesome specs at really cheap price. If I were you, do not get into that kind of deals. Better save the money for buying your Cherry Mobile Flare accessories, such as jelly casing and a power bank.

Cherry Mobile Flare - Advisory

If you cannot find a unit you can buy at Php3,999 at the moment, I suggest you  get in contact with the cellphone sellers nearest you and ask them to send you an SMS once they have new stocks of Flare. If you really want to get a Cherry Mobile Flare, then just patiently wait for it, this is a friendly advice.

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