This could be the next Cherry Mobile Android phone: 4.3-inch dual-core ICS

The Cherry Mobile Titan W500 is always out-of-stock, or if not; not yet on stock on major CM shops or some cellphone stores here in the Philippines. If you have not yet checked out the Cherry Mobile Titan and you are planning to get a really nice Android ICS phone but you only have a budget of say, Php6,499; then you might want to check that out.

That really affordable 5-inch phablet phone became a hot-sell, least  I can say. I always see reports of users getting out-of-stock replies from the stores they visit.

If the 5-inch Titan is really big for you, I have a rumor but please take this with a pinch of salt, btw.

We know that the Cherry Mobile Titan is just a re-branded Spice Mi-500 or the Konka W990. While doing my research for my China phones blog, I had stumbled upon a tandem of the 5-inch Konka W990 which is the Konka W960 that has 4.7-inch screen.

Chances are, it might be as well used by Cherry Mobile for introducing us another awesome piece of Android handset to us. The W500 Titan was brought down to a really cheap pricing here in the Philippines by Cherry Mobile, what else can we expect with this one.

Cherry Mobile W400?

Cherry Mobile W400 4.3-inches

Cherry Mobile W400 4.3-inches

The name is not official, I just followed the naming pattern of Cherry Mobile. Haha.


The Cherry Mobile W400 is equipped with the dual-core MT6577 processor. It runs on Android 4.0 ICS out of the box.

It has a 4.3 inches screen with 800×480 pixels display resolution. With smaller screen, we can expect a higher ppi score and better display than its 5-inch brother as they both have the same screen resolutions.

KOnka W960/Cherry Mobile W400(?)

KOnka W960/Cherry Mobile W400(?)

The 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM combo is normal and expected. With a 4GB ROM configured on its parameters, we can expect a 2.xGB of usable internal storage for our phone memory. Storage is still expandable with an SD card.

The set of snappers is the impressive part here. The back is a 8-megapixels and the secondary has 2-megapixels.

Only let down is the mediocre battery capacity at just 1750mAh. This could be a winner on its league if the battery is at even just 2000mAh. Still, if the price will be reasonable; no problem with that as this seems a better choice than the tinier Cherry Mobile Flare with a 1450mAh battery rating capacity.

Evaluating the specs and being on the dual-core 4.3-inch bracket; this might be a match-up for the my|phone A898 or the Starmobile Astra.


Chinese resources gives a hint that it might be even priced at lower mark than the 5-inch sibling as its Chinese market prices are at that scenario. We still don’t know how Cherry Mobile will market this here and if they will still do the magic of bringing the phone down to its very cheap price tag.


Of course, no word yet and clues from Cherry Mobile for this. But it might possibly come out by December or even Q1 of next year. Or maybe after the selling season of their much-awaited Cherry Mobile Flare. By the way, the Konka W960 is already out since September 2012.

Cherry Mobile W400(?)

Cherry Mobile W400(?)

You might want to wait up until next year before you go get yourself a bang for the bucks Android phone treat for yourself. With that, I assure you that you can get the best deals unlike when you hurry yourself today. The my|phone A919 is another interesting sweet in the fridge as well.

Disclaimer: Again, please take this post with a pinch of salt.

Really nice specs and nice looking design isn’t it?

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