Is VPN legal?

Yes it is! My friends always ask me that question, if using VPN for internet connection legal, and I always says yes, without further explaining to them why. There is nothing to doubt about it, VPN services are legal!

Is VPN Legal? Yes it is!

Obviously, the legality of these VPN stuff depends on you how you use them. As long as you are not performing illegal activities, then it is absolutely legal to use a VPN service. Even though you use a VPN for some illegal activity, this does not make the use of such services illegal.

There are a lot of benefits a VPN service offer including:

  • Hiding your real IP address – you get an IP depending on the server of the VPN.
  • Access blocked websites and applications – you get past the restrictions set by certain sites and apps.
  • Surf the web privately and securely – data sent are encrypted so you are guaranteed sure safe of your browsing.
  • Easy to use, easy to install and configure. – just few clicks and you are ready to go.

There are countries like China, Iran, and etc. where the access to certain sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace is prohibited, they can use VPN to access those, the use of VPN is not illegal. It is restricted, but not illegal. Restricted is different from illegal. Also, it is legal to use a VPN to unblock Hulu, BBC iPlayer or other services that are restricted to users from certain countries.

To sum up, you can’t get in any trouble for using a VPN unless you are suspected of doing illegal activities while under hidden IP’s.

Is VPN Legal? Yes it is!

For us, we just use vpn’s to surf the internet, use facebook, check mails and visit blogs and forums. Just plain clean web browsing. So, there is  actually no need to be worried being suspected doing something illegal. VPNs are legal. Always remember, internet is a basic right of any individual. ^_^

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