MAC Address for Sale and Getting Scammed for Free Internet?

Hi guys!

I just had heard about this selling of MAC Address, that are claimed to be working for disconnected WiMAX units, thus still giving internet access, which was actually for free! They are selling this, I had encountered some, online and its a good thing that I do not own a WiMax unit for that.

Some claims that they are scammed for these stuff, since they risked themselves into buying this kind of data/information/service. We can never take that out, on every online business transactions, there will always be scenarios of scams on some cases.

Globe WiMAX + working mac address = Free Internet

Disconnected Globe WiMAX + working mac address = Free Internet!

Lets take a look at this example: It is very easy to say that I have a working MAC address, with a speed of 2MBps, and I am selling it for a seemingly convincing price. Will you buy it? If you have the unit, I know you will. Some of these sellers, which are really unknown to the internet word, find it very easy to scam people, because they can easily run away with their fake information.

Are these mac addresses, worth the buy? I guess not. Still, there are some people that shares it for free. Only those who are desperate, and might be really in great need of quick but dirty cash may be selling these stuff that they got for free or they dont really have.

My tip, don’t buy these mac addresses. There will be free, and when we say free internet, it should be really free. :D But if you still really insists on buying, because you have so many money to spend, I suggest, go get a legit WiMAX subscription. hahah XD

PS. I haven’t tried using some mac address, as per I do not own a modem for these purposes. If I got some free mac addresses, I’ll share it for free. :D

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