my|phone A919 Updates: Photos, Specs, Pricing and Release Date

Due to insistent public demand, I decided to leak all these stuff I know with regards to the myPhone A919 specs, pricing and release date. Also here’s a couple of actual pictures of it, taken by me of course when I had managed to hands-on the phone showcased to us personally by the myPhone president.

This is the bigger view of the photo I had shared on my previous MyPhone A919 post. It is the back side of the A919.

myPhone A919 (teaser)

myPhone A919 (teaser)

Rumors circulates that the myPhone A919 could be possibly the Micromax A110 Superfone Canvas. We cannot deny the chance that it could really be it. Physical appearance and specs seems right on the spot. Another idea that somehow supports that conclusion is the fact that the Micromax A110 and the Spice Mi-500 is the rivaling 5-inch Android phones in India right now. The Spice Mi-500 is confirmed to be the Cherry Mobile Titan. So in India, Micromax A110 vs Spice Mi-500 while in the Philippines its MyPhone A919 vs Cherry Mobile Titan. Both are 5-inch dual core phones.

But while I am researching info’s about China phones for my China Phone blog, I stumbled upon a phone called Beidou Chi K. Its a 5-inch phone and has the same specs and overall appearance with the my|phone A919. It also has another rival phone which is the Big Cola, and seemingly the same specs with the equivalent phone.

my|phone A919 Actual Photos/Real Pictures

Here’s a couple of actual photos of the myPhone A919 taken by me, so credits goes to me. :D

myPhone A919 beside a Note 2

myPhone A919 beside a Note 2

As you can see, the my|phone A919 only has a very little difference in size compared with the Galaxy Note 2. The A919 here is just set on max brightness I guess, as you can observe with the photo.

myPhone A919 compared to Note 2

myPhone A919 compared to Note 2

The Note 2 here is owned by sir Giancarlo of He’s the one holding these phones on these two shots. (thanks bro)

myPhone A919 - front

myPhone A919 – front

On the front you can see the sensors, ear-speaker grill, front camera, and the three soft-touch Android buttons that lits up when it is needed. Sorry for the blurred quality of this image as I just used my phone’s cam to take this and it was night time. Night-mode settings + shaky hand resulted to this.

But I can say, that the display is really good and there is no “ghosting” as I remember. Everything is as fluid as what we can see with the myPhone A898/a878.

myPhone A919 - back

myPhone A919 – back

On the back, you can see the my|phone logo, its trademark of the Philippine map, speaker grills, the 8.0 megapixels camera and 2 circular LED flash. The back finishing is smooth, not textured.

myPhone A919 - side

myPhone A919 – side

Sides obviously looks metallic in style.

myPhone A919 - top/side

myPhone A919 – top/side

On top, located is the USB and 3.5mm earphone jack ports.

myPhone A919

myPhone A919

my|phone A919 Specs

This spec sheet is based from the mentioned Beidou Chi K phone.

  • Processor: MTK6577 dual-core 1G
  • Memory: 512MB RAM + 4GB ROM
  • Screen: 5.0 inches IPS 854*480 pixels
  • Camera: 8MP, 0.3MP
  • Battery: 2000 mAh
  • System: Android 4.0
  • Body size: 147 * 76.5 * 9.7mm

I didnt really take note of the myPhone A919 specs when the myPhone peeps showed it to us. But if my memory is right, this could be correct.

You want to know the price of that China phone? The Beidou Chi K is just $128 dollars! Converting that to peso, it just falls at just Php5,260!

my|phone A919 Price

Knowing that pricing mentioned above, it might be a starting price point for this my|phone A919. Since that pricing is really possible and does exists for a 5-inch dual core phone, now the pricing for the Cherry Mobile Titan isnt a surprise no more. Im guessing that it wouldn’t go up beyond Php8k. (update: I just picked up an info from the my|phone A919 group that the price of the A919 will be Php7,999 –still we cannot confirm until it is officially released)

my|phone A919 Release Date and Availability

The my|phone A919 was first leaked at the myPhone posters for their latest win-a-car promotion. One of the consolation prizes on that promo is the myPhone A919. No words yet, but we can expect this phone to hit the stores by December, hopefully. A myphone store guy told me that its just giving the myPhone A898 an ample time for more sales. (update: I just picked up another info from the my|phone A919 facebook group that this phone is set to hit the stores by end of November or 1st week of December)

Disclaimer: Please take this post with a grain of salt.

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