On Smart LTE and Globe LTE (4G) Launch

Just this month, these two leading mobile network providers just made their official launch of the LTE aka 4G technology. I wasn’t able to be present on the said events but still, I want to share my inputs regarding this so-called innovation on internet services of Globe and Smart.

Some friends of mine in the tech-blogging scene discussed about this LTE stuff on the previous episode of Big Time Show Live, that airs live on YouTube every late late late Saturday night. We are all annoyed discussing the topic as it is not very much entertaining to talk about.

So what we have here now is, the LTE or 4G technology will now be on the nationwide roll-out soon, as stated by the 2 networks.

But what is yet to annoy you, in case you haven’t heard about it is:

  • it is a whooping Php3,500 per month for a 10GB bandwidth, on a very fast speed of 42MBps max.

What the? Its the same reaction I had, consider me as a download junkie and having that very much limited bandwidth at 10GB per month in match with that freaking speed, I can use all that allocated data in a week or less.

Note that when we talk about allocated data bandwidth, it is the summation of downloaded and uploaded data. What is the target consumer-base by the way?

fast internet just to make meme

no, not this please.

  • definitely not downloaders/torrent-users
  • definitely not people who just read and send emails
  • business? why they will need that fast internet?
  • youtube streamers? maybe not, its kinda same as downloading those hundred-MB’s video streams.
  • gamers maybe?
Smart LTE launch with ironman

image credit: Godwin Magat (facebook)

Let’s not deny the fact that you won’t be downloading the stuff you want to get when you have a very fast internet connection, am I right? Check out my old post about my experience on browsing with Smart 4G LTE.

Then they are offering an additional data, not sure if how much per added GB but what I am sure is, they are just making themselves some good money! Least we can really say that internet in the Philippines is very expensive, regardless of the quality of service (QoS) it brings the consumers.

Smart is on the run to give the early-adopters of their LTE 4G plan an unlimited bandwidth until October. Pretty enticing right? You almost have 2 month of unlimited bandwidth and a very fast speed to enjoy. But you will be locked for 12 or 24 months,  I guess. I do not mind looking for the correct detail on the lock-in period as it is obviously a trap!

Meanwhile, you can power-on your machine and download all the things you can download and make the most out of your Php3500 a month on that two months span time. Still, after that; enjoy the 10GB limited bandwidth.

What about Globe? There isnt a clear information about what lies with early adopters of Globe LTE 4G. As discussed in BTS Live, they might give a slightly lower price offer on this.

Why I wont buy on this LTE 4G stuff in the Philippines


you know this on GLOBE.

Yes, the internet speed that is waiting for you in the name of LTE 4G is yes, heaven. It is everybody’s desire to experience a freaking fast internet connection speed. Set that to limited and were like, awwwwww, nvm.

The upcoming devices, maybe on 2013 will surely be the era of LTE devices. They might have LTE support. This just makes me think about this scenario:

  • LTE or 4G is the upperband after 3G/3.5G/3.9G right? Then its a signal we can get and connect into.
  • What if I have an LTE-capable smartphone and on the location I am present, LTE and 4G signal is present.
  • Can I just connect and browse the internet with that 4G signal? Say, I have  registered on their one-day “unlimited” internet promo and enjoy that very fast speed of LTE technology?

Haha. This is what happens if you aren’t present on the launch and you have nobody else to ask for such stuff except but yourself.

Crazily answering that, the answer might be a yes or a no.

  • A yes, because just like how we can connect on 2G and 3G to have better speed on internet; we can connect on 4G automatically.
  • A no, because this networks might start using a different accesspoint name that will be the only one allowed to connect on that frequency, and that APN will just work if you had availed the plan.

If you can still remember, there was this leakage information about the Smart 4G APN which is IAM4G.

But I guess, that APN-frequency matter cannot be possible, or I might be very well uneducated/uninformed in such kind of stuff in relation to wireless communications study.

The only possible thing I can see for Globe is, (I might be giving their idea or I might have just guessed it right) they will have a new APN for that 4G stuff and will only enable access to it on SIM cards that availed the said plan. While on Smart, any accesspoint is usable so it wont be a problem, I guess.

Still, it is very much possible to access that frequency if you have that LTE-capable device. Cannot think of a reason why it would not be.

So what about you? Are you taking this LTE 4G-sh*t?

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