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Are you a VPN owner?

Are you looking for an effective way to market your VPN service or make it more popular and attract more users?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! :D now accepts review requests for VPN services!

Cheers! :D

Promote your VPN!

Take advantage of my site readers, visitors, followers and fans! has an average of 1,500-2000 visits per day, once your VPN service have been published here, you get the exposure you have been longing.

Plus, I use the Social Media as super weapon, geared with writing with SEO in mind, so that my articles will still be performing good even for the longest time! :D


Let me review your VPN

This is a FREE service from Hideki, yes its FREE! What I only require is, let me use your VPN, without restriction; ie: admin/vip/premium access. This will let me review your service, in case you are offering a premium and paid service for VPN’s.

If I like your VPN and get satisfied with the service; such as its speed, ease of use, efficiency, reliability, I will surely post it here with all my marketing and promotional voice.


What can you get

  • Exposure.
  • Publicity.
  • Free Advertising.
  • More clients.
  • More sales.
  • Increased reputation.

Originally, I was asking for VPN owners that are posting their stuff at forums. I tell them that if they let them try their VPN, I’ll review it. Luckily, they are giving me trial accounts.

But, I am not satisfied all the time so I just forget about their VPN. LOL. Why?

  • Because their trial is very limited. – For example, trial that is only limited for 1-3hrs, some few days, or even per volume limit. I do not like this. I do not even attempt to use this kind of service as per its not enough for a review, unless I knew the owner. This always happens to XTREAMVPN resellers.
  • Because the VPN doesn’t works for me. – If the VPN doesn’t works and it gives me a headache making it connect, I just forget about it and resume the usage of my freemium vpn’s. It doesn’t works for me, so how I can test it? Maybe it won’t work for my readers too.


Let’s further talk about it.

You know where to contact me, right? Just drop me an email:


Is your VPN an awesome VPN?

An awesome VPN is a VPN that is worth reviewing. :D If its a paid/premium VPN, it must surpass what the free aka freemium VPN services can provide.

Always keep this in mind; users always have this mindset:

If I can have it for free, why I would pay for it?

See the logic and the truth about life?


My Previous Posts

Here are my previous posts with relation to VPN services. :D I only post VPN’s that I have tried, liked, and made me satisfied. :P Most of these are Freemium VPN’s.



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