Is there really a Temple Run PC version?

I wasn’t too excited with the Temple Run game having it’s PC version, but I wonder why there are still lots of people searching for it when they can actually know that there isn’t any yet, or wont be any maybe. Temple Run was only released for iOS and Android, and there is still no words from Imangi Studios that they had already released a PC version of the said game, or will maybe.

But if you try to look into the internet, there are still lots of results for it (Download Temple Run PC Version free) which actually all leads to one same thing, a fake one. Download link that requires you to complete surveys before getting the full download link, or the file.

Temple Run for PC download free

I never had seen myself wasting my time with those. It was completely obvious to me that its just an internet marketers’ tactic to earn money. Yes, they earn from those. Some even uses pay-per-download sites, which earns them money as well. But what does the unlucky/uninformed searcher gets?

Nothing. Nothing but a fake file.

For the record, I had never heard of anything that is really valuable as its worthy of going through all those nasty survey offers that is genuinely shared in this internet era. All of them were fake files.

How come did I just knew when I had never tried downloading it? For obvious reasons, the Temple Run PC version of the game is real if:

  • there are a lot of feedback with the shared stuff –most sharing sources are “comments off”.
  • someone decided to share it on such manner that people can get it easier –something like mediafire link with no password.
  • the shared posting doesnt uses what’s just written with the App Store –word for word.
  • Imangi Studios announced it.

I had seen the video on youtube, but guess what, it really did not got me excited with the pc version of the game. Maybe its because I can just play it with an iDevice at my will but I just dont see the enjoyment.

Well, this post is just for my readers. I just want to tell you that there isnt any Temple Run game for PC, yet or will never be any. Though there are some games that works out similarly, still the real thing from Imangi Studios can only be just played on iOS and Android devices. However, I heard it might be really possible to play the game on pc through emulation, I just havent looked into that yet.

Honestly, I just got fed up with a facebook friend that keeps on posting a link to a forum thread that kinda reads like: “Download Temple Run for PC version!”. He does it likes there is no tomorrow. The boring part is; it links to his forum, you got to register first to get the link to a “survey”-ed download link of the game. Ironically, he himself hasn’t tried the game yet personally.

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