Unblocked GLOBE SIM Cards for Sale?! WTF!

Despite the ease of the method, on how to unblock your GLOBE sim card for VPN use, still there are many who are not lucky enough to make things work for themselves. This scenario have been spotted by some individuals to be an opportunity, an opportunity to make some easy money.

Globe Unblock SIM for Sale - Butas na SIM for SALE?!!! Grabe naman!!!

Globe Unblock SIM for Sale - Butas na SIM for SALE?!!! Grabe naman!!!

I just laughed on what I saw on symb.ph forum, someone who is setting up an auction for his so-called unblocked SIM. We all know that unblocked GLOBE sim are those sim cards who are capable to make the VPN’s work again, for free internet. But the unblocking process can be easily done with the steps that you can find here:

Using that  method, you just have to spare a P15 load balance. If you are trying the technique on a new SIM then, calculating;

  • P40 as the price of a new GLOBE sim, + P15 for the load top-up (POWERSURF15/MB15) = P55.

The worst part, on his so-called auction of unblocked sim, bidding starts from P400.

Yeah, P400. Nice. XD wtf??!

Who would dare to take this deal?

Well, it all depends on them. How about you, what can you say? :D

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