WiMAX BM622 Testing: Modified and Reconnected

Hi guys! Finally, I had received a unit of modified BM622 WiMAX CPE. This one is disconnected and not lined anymore, but still its modified to still work with just the proper MAC Address. So here’s my experience with this.

This is a GLOBE WiMAX CPE, specifically a BM622 unit.


Globe WiMAX CPE BM622

I had made a video of this, you can watch it. Sorry for friends who cannot understand the language I had used. I just used our native language which is Tagalog in narrating the video. :P

Just to show, this is the login page of the WiMAX admin panel. You can access it just by going to in your browser once you get connected by LAN on your WiMAX CPE. The default login info is user:user.

BM622 Login Panel

BM622 Login Panel

Once you are logged-in, you can see something like this:

WiMAX Status

WiMAX Status

In my case, since I cannot successfully connect my WiMAX BM622 in our place, due to signal problems, that’s the data you can see on the WiMAX tab.

Connected to Network

Connected to Network

Even though, just what I had said, I am already connected to a network, just via LAN. But still, since there isn’t enough signal that is received by the modem, there is no internet access.

We had tried a couple of MAC Address, but still no luck.

It is really true that these kind of WiMAX CPE is per area dependent. You are lucky enough if you can easily make one work in your area. My friend also told me about something like dead spots. Those were spots wherein there is really no WiMAX signal available, as if its impossible to get signal on that place. Like for example, they had strong signal on their house, while their neighbor only has dead spot.

Here are some of my tips if you are planning to acquire one:

  • Get one from trusted sellers only. You can see a lot of sellers from different sites online that sells these kind of stuff. But I suggest that you order only from those trusted. If you need one, I can refer you to my friend. We can talk with him the terms and conditions that relates to returning back the unit if it doesnt works for you.
  • If you are ordering, make sure of a guarantee policy. Just what I had said, be sure to make an agreement that you’ll going to return the unit in case it doesn’t works. If the seller doesnt agrees with this, its obvious that he just wanted to rake some cash from from you.
  • Make up your mind if you really want to have this WiMAX. Its not cheap you know, however its a better free internet solution than the Tattoo broadband and VPN combo that is always showing error in connection these days.

Note that we are not selling these. I just know one that I trust the most. He just get the unit from his trusted sources as well. Actually, I do not have much information on how they are doing the modification and repair of the disconnected WiMAX units. Still, they are pretty clever being able to acquire free internet connection from this.

So to summarize this post, the WiMAX test with BM622 unit failed on my case and area. Now, I am returning the unit and will just stick to the Tattoo stick + VPN for a while maybe.

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