Is Buying the Nintendo Switch from Lazada Worth it?

Last month on Lazada, during its 11-11 sale, a link to a P16799 Nintendo Switch popped up. During that time, I was planning to finally get a Nintendo Switch because I really wanted to play Xenoblade Chronicles 2 when it gets released on December. With my budget constraints, and considering the price of must-have accessories and the games as well, this seem to be a decent choice.

When I was ready to purchase this from Lazada, it wen’t back to its original price listing of almost P19000. That time, I decided to just pick one up from Datablitz because I thought that the deal was gone for good.

But now, it is available again with that low price tag thanks to the 12-12 sale event. If I haven’t got a Switch already, I will surely pick this one up.

The price of a unit only bundle from local retailers are as follows:

  • Datablitz: P18995 / less P1000 for cash payments
  • iTech/GameOne: P19495 / less P1000 for cash payments
  • on Toy Kingdom it is much more expensive at more than P20k plus something

There is a P1696 price difference from the Lazada listing on the cash price offer. That is something you can use on accessories or additional fund for the games. With how Lazada works, you can even further lower down the price using vouchers.

The Switch SRP abroad is just $300. Imagine the price bump we got here in Philippines.

Some people will say the warranty is just 1 month compared to 1 year as offered by local gaming retailers. I havent heard of a Switch that fails after a month or even more from normal usage. I have a handful of Nintendo consoles and handhelds, and I never had to use its warranty even up to this date.

Plus there isnt really a local spot in PH that Nintendo officially caters for warranty claims. Also, I bet you’ve heard some stories regarding warranty claims with Datablitz.

To tell you the truth, the only thing you need is the return policy, from which case, this product has 7-days easy return thanks to Lazada. Use this if you ever get defects on the unit out of the box such as dead pixels or if the unit came totally defective upon arrival.

So if you are planning to get a Nintendo Switch for yourself or as a gift to someone else, buying it from Lazada is the only place you can get it at its lowest price especially if you have a tight budget. You can get it with free shipping, and cash on delivery basis. You can also pick it up from the Avision store in SM Makati.

(c) Alan James Tiu

You can use LAZDEC8 as a voucher code to get an 8% discount, but this discount code caps at P250 max discount. If you have Paymaya, you can use it and with a voucher code of PYMYDEC you can get P400 off.

If this post helped you decide to order one from Lazada, please consider buying it using my affiliate link so that I can get a small commission from your purchase. This will help me a lot, thanks.

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