Arc Mobile officially launched in the Philippines: bringing budget-friendly Android devices

You might not have heard of Arc Mobile yet, Arc Mobile is a new player on our market of mobile phones and Android devices. A launch was held a few weeks back and we’re there. Here are some few things you might need to know about Arc Mobile:

Arc Mobile

Arc Mobile Android phones and tablets

Arc Mobile is a new brand looking to compete with existing mobile phone brands in our country. They intend to beat the market with their aim on offering Filipinos with lowest possible price tag for such a set of specifications.

Another good thing to note is, they are into continuously supporting the development ROM’s/software for their devices to cope up with the latest Android releases, optimizing and maximizing user-experience score. This means that the Android smartphones they will be releasing will never be left out with official software updates based from its opensource.

Arc Mobile

Arc Mobile’s current product line up includes the following:

Basic phones

  • Arc Mobile Basic
  • Arc Mobile Basic II – basic phone
  • Arc Mobile Arcade I – basic phone
  • Arc Mobile Arcade III – basic phone, touchscreen

Android phones

  • Arc Mobile Prime 350 – 3.5-inch, single core Android phone, TV
  • Arc Mobile Nitro 400D – 4-inch, Dual Core Android phone
  • Arc Mobile Nitro 500D – 5-inch, Dual Core Android phone
  • Arc Mobile Nitro 450QD – 4.5-inch, Quad Core Android phone

Android tablets

  • Arc Mobile Tab 700M – single core, dual SIM 7-inch tablet
  • Arc Mobile Tab 720M 3G – dual core, dual SIM 7-inch tablet
  • Arc Mobile Tab 701D – dual core 7-inch tablet

The numbers on the device names clues to its screen size, just for you guys to know. They have more soon to come. Price isn’t disclosed yet but we’re really mind blown to what they had hinted us.

Arc Mobile launch

Arc Mobile launch

If you might be asking for a service center, they do have it on the following locations: GMA, Pampanga, Cebu and Davao. To know more about Arc Mobile, you can visit their site at or connect with them on their facebook page. We will be posting about their device line-up on separate posts, we are also looking forward to being able to review their devices; stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted.

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