Cherry Mobile W900 Dragon Phone for only Php5999: One-day Anniversary Sale Only

This a very nice deal from Cherry Mobile! They will be having a sale of their Dragon Phone, the curvaceous Cherry Mobile W900. Its the 4-inch Gingerbread Android phone that originally has the introductory price of Php14,999 but will be sold for just Php5,999 on August 15, 2012 only.

Check this poster for more details:

Cherry Mobile W900 Anniversary Sale

Cherry Mobile W900 Anniversary Sale, source: link

This is in celebration of Cherry Mobile’s 3rd year anniversary. Available on all concept stores and kiosks, this sale is only for a one single day. Many might be grabbing this offer, but the question is: will their stocks and supplies enough to handle the number of possible deal buyers on that day? Or a sad fact might be, the sale is only up for a specific number of units. We dont know, but one thing is for sure; its already a good buy.

Getting this Android phone, at that price is already a steal. With that price tag, you can only get a 3.x-inch Gingerbread Android phone that is clocked only at 650-800MHz. The Php9,000 less is really a big difference. There is also some pretty nice freebies, such as a 4GB SD MMC for your perusal and a screen-protector.

If you haven’t heard about this phone yet, check out our first hands-on and impression about this Cherry Mobile W900 Dragon Phone.

That period of the month might be already a “payday”. Well, are you planning to get one?

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