Getting to know more about DELL: Sharing My Experience

Last Wednesday, I had an awesome experience. There was a lot of “my first time’s” that had happened that day. It was an exciting and fun-filled night for us being able to get inside DELL International Services Philippines (DIS Philippines) building in Eastwood City. You remember DELL? Yes they were the company behind a lot of computing machines, from PC’s peripherals, to laptops, mobiles and other gadgets and tech-related machine and tools. But we just had found out that there is something more with DELL; that you might not now.

Welcome to DELL.

Welcome to DELL.

At first, I am very clueless of what’s waiting for us inside the DELL building. It somehow surprised me to find out that the building we had entered is a BPO building! That was my first time to personally see a room with a lot of people talking to phones and facing their computers, solving others’ problems and answering queries. I was never been inside a room filled with call center agents providing solutions in action, before.

From then on, I just had found out that DELL is now into BPO business. As the night keeps to flow, there have been a lot of things that I just had found out about DELL, here in the Philippines.


DELL Philippines building at night.

DELL Philippines building at night.

BSP or Business Service Provider, that’s why the place is actually called DELL International Services, DIS. We’re lucky as well to bond with DIS Philippines’ very own president; Mr. Richard Teo. Currently, for the statistics, they have 1,600 agents working in the building. The awesome thing with that is: these agents don’t share computers. Each one has their own for their selves. We are told that DELL plans to expand this number within this year.

DELL’s President is the boss you will surely like to work for.

Mr. Richard Teo

President Richard Teo shows us the face of DELL from the past, today, and in the future.

Mr. Richard Teo, he’s from Singapore, and is the president of DELL Philippines. He’s very accommodating, and very humble. I got my first impression with him wrong; as per I thought he’s a Filipino, judging from his look and smiles he continually shares on each of us within the night. Being able to get to know the man behind DELL PH’s administration, Mr. Richard is definitely the boss you will surely like to work for years.

Bloggers at DELL

After the presentation, we are given the opportunity to ask anything we wanted to know about DELL. The forum served its purpose well.

Here’s the opening video presentation:

DELL opens its doors for bloggers

Tour inside DELL

Referred to as the new generation of journalist, in this rare event, we are toured inside DELL’s facilities. Here’s the story along with some photos:

We are introduced to Atif, from India, who works as an engineer here in DELL. He’s together with his wife: Meghana. Also, there are a couple of Indian agents who works at DELL Philippines. Atif shared his story to us, and told us that it was really fun to work here in the Philippines, through his many years with DELL. They are both from DELL India before.

Not just that, we also met Randy. As you can see, he’s on a wheelchair. Yes, he’s a physically challenged agent, but that doesn’t seems to be a problem. He is also an agent if DELL for many years and it seem like he had finally found the place that is perfect for him for work.

DELL's Gym

DELL's Gym

DELL Philippines is the first BPO building I had entered. I do not know what’s inside others’ but hey as you can see they have a gym. Yes, a gym with a lot of work-out equipment. When we entered the gym room, were astounded seeing a group seating on the equipment but with their laptops on their laps. They said that they were having a meeting on there as per all meeting rooms are taken already.

my dinner meal.

Then we head on to DELL’s canteen.  Si Richard said that the food we had eaten for our dinner was the same food being served on DELL’s canteen. Yum!

The canteen room is wide, and it also has the recreation center for DELL’s agents. They got a billiard pool, and my favorite; a gaming center. You can play or surf the internet at your will.

DELL on Tech scene

Alienware laptop from DELL.

Alienware laptop from DELL. -drools-

As for me, I will choose to live inside DELL’s Testing room. It’s a room where new gadgets and devices are being tested well before its release to the market. Just when I thought that DELL isn’t focusing much now with tech stuff, I found myself wrong seeing a lot of laptops on this wide table. Some isn’t released yet. We are lucky to get our hands with those, and of course especially this Alienware laptop; every gamer’s dream.

Another awesome thing I saw inside is a PC with 3D monitor. Diablo 3 is being played with that, and I decided to try on the 3D glass, and it just wowed me! WOW! That’s a freaking awesome view of the game. If I have this console in house, I guess I will never see the sunlight again.

So it answers the question regarding DELL’s expansion into BPO scene and not giving much attention anymore to hardware innovations. They aren’t. DELL will continue to provide computing solutions, in terms of hardware and support.

We were also granted access to DELL’s Data Center, where the storage drives for all the DELL’s database is stored. It’s a restricted area, and not all DELL employees are allowed to enter that room. Taking photos is also prohibited.

It’s more fun to work on DELL.

Overall, I can say that working with DELL is not just like working with other BPO’s. In DELL, it’s different. DELL values its employees. As quoted from Mr. Richard, “we want agents to feel that DELL is their second home”.

Also, DELL has a lot of events and activities. On this weekend they are having their sports fest. Noticing as well, on some corners of DELL’s working area; there are posters appreciating an agent’s performance. Thus serving as an inspiration for them and others to work harder and perform better.

I’m sure, if you are with us, at the end of the day you’ll be saying; “I wanted to work on DELL”. Adding a little humor, the end of the day for us is just the start of the working day for DELL agents. Personally, I had this thought that working in a call center company is not good and not fun, but seeing what’s inside DELL that night, it had changed my thought.

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