Here goes MyPhone Trade-in Madness, again!

Hi guys! If you still remember about the previous MyPhone Trade-in Madness promotion that had happened few months ago, I have a good news; its back!

It was the moment when the MyPhone A818 got its popularity and reach to more local consumer as its a very budget and entry-level Android smartphone.

So here’s the MyPhone sale promo again, the MyPhone Trade-in Madness Android Edition once again. This time, there are 5 Android phones to choose from!

MyPhone Trade In Madness Part 2

MyPhone Trade In Madness Part 2

The shared photo is really small so don’t mind clicking it for enlargement. SO for further understanding of the said promo, here’s the mechanics:

MyPhone Trade-in Promo Mechanics

1. Customer can avail of the promo by surrendering a mobile phone of any brand or model, working or non-working, in exchange for a

  • TS1 Duo at the price of P 2,599.00,
  • A618 Duo at the price of P2, 999.00,
  • A818 Duo at the TRADE UP price of P3, 399.00,
  • A828 Duo at the price of P3, 999.00,
  • A858 for the price of P4, 499.00.

2. Phone to be traded-in should include its battery pack.

3. Phone that is broken down into separate parts will not be accepted.

4. The SRP price of each unit is: TS1 Duo P3,999.00, A618 Duo P3,599.00, A818 Duo P3,999.00, A828 Duo P4,499.00 and A858 Duo P4,999.00

5. Promo period is from August 30-September 16,2012


For a list of MyPhone stores, visit the MyPhone site

I am not very much familiar with these cheap Android phones, but I know with their offered pricing value that they are low-ends. Might be better if MyPhone did care to sent me some units to review, ehem. LOL

Still, its a good news for everyone as this offer is really a pocket-saver to some that is of pretty much okay with budget-type and not-so-high-end Android smartphones.

source: MyPhone FB page

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