Sneak Peek at ESGS 2017

We got the chance to be at ESGS Press Conference where we jam-up with some of the GG Network and Gariath Concept peeps (the guys behind this fizzing event), and rubbed elbows with some of the exhibitors for this weekend’s event.

Yesterday’s panel was the following:

  • Richard Brojan (Playbook)
  • Chase Freo (R2 Games/Heroes Evolved)
  • Dio Vasquez (Acer Predator)
  • Willyam Sanusi (Playstation)
  • Gwen Foster (Indie Arena)
  • Gene Gacho (Project Xandata)
  • Victoria Gorbachevskaya (Fulldome)
  • Chris Natsuume (Boomzap Entertainment)
  • Jia Shen (Blackstorm/Everwing)
  • Quentin Hu (MSI)

Brawlfest 2017 is happening, courtesy of Playbook where we can enjoy action-packed weekend from fighting games tournaments. It will also be a day for a Tekken 7 qualifier tournament, the champion will be sent for the next EVO in Japan.

Playbook also told us about a nationwide NBA2K tournament, where qualifiers will happen in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

For Heroes Evolved, the Asian Championship will be concluded in ESGS with Taiwan and Indonesia fighting for the cup.

You’ve seen Heroes Evolved’s Bruce Lee teaser right? It is a new IP hero for Heroes Evolved, be the first among your friends to get this hero for free as R2 Games booth will be giving away Bruce Lee codes. Aside from the Jet Kune Do master, new IP heroes will be announced at ESGS as well.

Acer will introduce new Predator line, Brandon Vera (Fil-Am MMA) will also be at their booth to promote the new Acer Predator products. It was said that if you will be able to beat Brandon Vera in an octagon ring, you will get a chance to take home an Acer Predator. Wait, no, don’t take it seriously, it was a joke and ESGS wants you to go home happily with loots not with bruises.

Acer’s mixed reality headset also got a mention.

About 12 Playstation 4 titles will be showcased on ESGS, you can get the chance to play it first-hand from the Playstation booth, and what’s more, most of them were still unreleased. If you are an fps guy, Call of Duty WW2 that is set to release in November will be one of the PS4 titles. For PSVR headset owners, 3 new VR games will be showcased too, one of them is called Bravo Team, the first team coop online VR game as they say. Dragon Ball Fighter Z will also be at Playstation booth. A new God of War game got a mention, slated for a second half of 2018 release.

With Indie Arena, you can play the games from indie game developers (local and international), have a chat with the devs as well. If tabletop games are your kind of games, there will be an eSport competition for these as well.

Project Xandata a team-based multiplayer online first-person shooter video game that is proudly Pinoy-made will have a free-play, and a tournament as well.

Project Xandata will soon enter Close Beta, good thing for ESGS goers, close-beta keys will be given away at their booth.

Experience 360 projection domes from Fulldome, and play their new game ala dome-style!

Early-alpha of Last Regiment, an upcoming fantasy-themed strategy game with single-player campaigns and simultaneous turn-based multiplayer will also be showcased in ESGS. Check this out if you like mages, orcs, pirates, and strategy-based games. They will also do a live stream of how they do game development, you can check it out on their Twitch channel.

Everwing, with the success of their recent Pinoy-theme dragon event is also here for contests, giveaways and showcasing of the new game contents slated for a future update to the viral Facebook Messenger game.

There will be a Halloween and Christmas event, and a mention of playing with friends on a team vs team set-up is planned for a future game update. There is also a mention of a new game from Blackstorm as well.

MSI is back again with the case-modding contest, new products showcase along with a new GTX1080TI card, new motherboard, and new monitor. You will also see Sennheiser and Hyper X products at their booth.

You dont want to miss out on the Christmas promos and great deals from MSI if you are planning to pick up some new pc and gaming stuff.

Awesome right? Well, those are just a few of the exhibitors. That is just a slice of the pie, ESGS 2017 will serve us gamers over the weekend.

ESGS 2017 Schedule of Activities

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ESGS 2017 Ticket Prices

Here are the ESGS 2017 ticket prices, you can get them online or on-site.

P170 for Friday, and P210 for Saturday or Sunday. Sobrang sulit yan.

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