The ESGS 2017 Experience

This was my first time to attend ESGS (Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit), and also the latest convention I attended since 2 or 3 years already, I guess. I have been a convention-goer in the past, this gaming event made me feel what it is like again to be in such kind of events. But this one is special, its a convention for gamers; whatever platform, whatever breed, kind, or whatever anything.

By the way, here’s a highlight reel of my first day attendance to the event.

I am really not good at story-telling in videos, which explains the super-cuts.

I was so stoked I got to get face to face with Ann Mateo and Gloco that day. I was even at Ann’s livestream, she’s a jolly one. Sir Gloco even made an outro for me.

Anyway, back to the event.

Since it was Friday, it wasn’t that too crowded, yet.

You will be greeted with the Playstation booth and their “play” stations (did I just?.. :D ). You can play upcoming PS4 and PS VR titles. Doing so, will earn you a stamp per game you play that when you collected three, you will receive a Playstation collectible.

Of course, there was Monster Hunter World. When the game was announced back then, I wasn’t really excited with the game as I had a feeling that doesnt have that MH vibe from what I played in the 3DS. But being able to play it personally, well, I am pretty sure that I will be picking up this game at launch. The game was so smooth with the PS4 Pro, the graphics are amazing, and the ergonomic feel with the controller guarantees long hours of hunting and grinding for monster parts. After your free play, they gave me a couple of MH: World posters. It was my first loot at ESGS.

As for PS VR, there were 3 games, but the only one that is readily available at that moment was Bravo Team. It is a team coop shooting game in VR. I got the chance to try it with the VR headset, and I did not get motion sick with it. Although fps games aren’t really my thing, the demo was fun. It made me see that PS VR games sure are having progress.

Other PS4 games were the new Gran Turismo (you can play it with the wheel and pedals), the new Dragon Ball Z Fighters game, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, new Dissidia game, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Just Dance 2018, new Call of Duty WW2, and there’s NBA 2k18 available for free play as well.

A booth caught my interest, it was “Bayani: Kanino Ka Kakampi?”, a Philippine History-inspired 2d fighting game made by Pinoy where our national heroes duke it out 1v1. It is a promising game, and knowing that their team is small, what they are able to showcase for their game that day was really impressive. I do hope they get to finish and release this game soon. I even bought their game posters, not just because it will be awesome on my room’s wall but to support its cause as well. It was a fundraiser, not for themselves but for Adi who is fighting her own battle (undergoing chemo at very young age). You should check them out too, and don’t forget to grab some posters.

Lots of booths from gaming peripherals companies. You can go hands-on with their latest products. Aside for discounts, they also have their own gimmicks and games/lotteries.

Toys and other merchs are also there. You can also build a Gundam kit there and take it home with you.

Gaming competitions such as Brawlfest (VS fighting games tournaments), MOBA eSports (Vainglory, Heroes Evolved, Mobile Legends), and the good ol Dota 2 and League of Legends eSports are there as well for you to watch.

Indie Fest dominated most of the booths. You can get to see and play new games from Indie developers, these games ranges from mobile games, PC games, and table top games. It was nice seeing that the game development community is that active in our local scene.

Cosplay competition, raffles, and so much more other things you will surely enjoy any day of ESGS.

Even if I only attended day 1, it was overall a very satisfying experience. It was never less than fun as day 2 and day 3.

To cap it off, ESGS is a really wonderful event for every gamers alike, you shouldn’t miss it as we only get one weekend a year for this. By the way, I also made a video showcasing my ESGS loots. Imagine, for a P170 ticket, all these goodies and the priceless gaming experience, can’t wait for next year’s.

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