3G Video Call working on Cherry Mobile Titan

As expected with a phone that is equipped with MediaTek MT6577 dual-core processor, the Cherry Mobile Titan W500 aka Spice Mi-500 is capable of 3G video calling. Thanks to sir Allen Sebastian from the Cherry Mobile W500 Titan Users’ facebook group for confirming and coming up with a screenshot proof.

Cherry Mobile Titan W500 3G video call

Cherry Mobile Titan W500 3G video call: Titan to Note 2. {source}

Here’s how to make 3G video calls:

  1. Be sure you have 3G signal. HSDPA is better. Set your phone to only use WCDMA only in the Mobile Networks settings.
  2. You need prepaid load. This will be considered as per data charging, so it is advised that you are subscribed under a unlimited internet promo or plan. In this case, GLOBE’s SUPERSURF promo does the trick.
  3. Call your pal, be sure that both of you have 3G/HSDPA signal and he/she also has a video call supported phones. On the contacts app of your Cherry Mobile Titan, you can select to call your pal via 3G video call.

That’s it! Enjoy. :D

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