Better Battery Alternatives for Cherry Mobile Flare

The Cherry Mobile Flare is indeed one of the best-selling phone from Cherry Mobile. With its good specs and really low price tag, it has been one of the most-sought and most restocked Android phone from their lineup. However, despite the bang-for-the-bucks deal that Cherry Mobile Flare buyers had, they have this problem: Cherry Mobile Flare’s 1425mAh battery wont last a day.

In short, madaling malowbat ang battery ng Flare.

That is the only setback for this phone, as of the moment. But good thing now is, there are some geeks who already tinkered on solving this problem.

Using Samsung Galaxy S3 2100mAh battery

Here’s a guy named Franco from the Cherry Mobile Flare facebook group. He shared his battery mod on the Flare using a Samsung Galaxy S3 2100mAh battery. Here’s how it looks like:

Cherry Mobile Flare S3 battery mod

Cherry Mobile Flare S3 battery mod

It might be an uneasy thing for those who are not that inclined to electronic stuff. But this diagram is really simple and lot less technical. Basically, you need a Samsung Galaxy S3 battery, with 2100mAh capacity of course, then add a portion on the battery pins just to increase the height of the battery so it fits the Cherry Mobile Flare housing then modify the contact terminals as it is originally doesnt match with the Flare’s.

Actual test reports a 12-hours of usage, with games, wifi/internet browsing, call and text and still at 50% battery charge level. It is a very simple numbers game here, higher mAh capacity, the more usage time you will have.

Here is a video demo of this by sir crossroads mumbo:

Where to Buy Samsung Galaxy S3 battery?

As suggested, you can try looking at 168 mall for cheap deals or from any cellphone shops/stores out there. Here’s a breakdown on the estimated pricing which might vary from shops to shops:

  • Class A: Php450 – 600
  • MSM-HK: Php300 – 500
  • Original S3 battery: Php1k-1.5k

The MSM-HK battery have a lot of feedback from Flare users that it is a good choice already.

For those who doesnt want to run the hassle of scouting Divi/cellphone shops and doing the soldering stuff, this guy on the Flare Group is offering an already modded and ready to use 2100mAh battery for sale. His price is Php450 + Php165 (shipping fee) or you can do a meet up with him on Urdaneta City, Pangasinan area. Please do take note that I am in no way affiliated or connected with this guy.

Using LG Optimus Black Battery

If ever you dont fancy these modding stuff, you can still use an LG Optimus Black battery. It fits nicely, however narrower. The stock battery of the LG Optimus Black is at 1500mAh only, but you can look for an extended battery which is available at 2200mAh rating. Ebay might be an easy place to look for this.

Here is a video of the Optimus Black (P970) battery on Flare in action:

*video by sir Christopher Malonhao

I do not have a Cherry Mobile Flare to test, but its really obvious that these battery mods are tested already by these people. Bite in at your own risk.

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