Buying Guide: Cherry Mobile One

So now, maybe after reading my review on the Cherry Mobile One, you might already wanted to grab one. If you are going to buy One asap, read this first. Thank me later.


First of all, the Cherry Mobile One is a hot device right now, those who knows about Android One are those whose really looking out for this device, just like you. But the problem is, the stock. Most, or some, smaller stores and kiosks that sells Cherry Mobile phones only have few stocks on their shelves. You might want to visit the bigger CM stores but I cannot give you an assured advice regarding stock availability.

I got myself a unit from a local stall that sells mobile phones from different brands. That day, I was the only one looking for it. They have only 3 units by then.

Click here for a list curated by the Cherry Mobile One facebook group members for locations where you can buy the Cherry Mobile One.


The Cherry Mobile One doesn’t have other accessories yet, such as screen protectors and protective cases. I heard that it will eventually come in weeks.

Also, do not forget that the Cherry Mobile One comes with a free 8GB micro SD card. It is usually inserted already on the device. Be sure to check it, if the SD card isn’t present, then something is fishy with the dealer.


They say, some units are on Kitkat. If you prefer Kitkat, then its a lucky find for you. But if you are buying the CM1 for the right reason (because its on Lollipop), be sure to check if the unit is running Android Lollipop. If you do not know how to check, take a look at this clip.

Getting the Kitkat version is a very rare occurrence.

Tilt Issues

People are complaining with their units’ tilt sensors misaligned, like its a little bit off in a side all the time.

How to check?
  • You can download Temple Run and check if the runner/character is always on a side, like you are tilting it even if you are on a neutral position. Or you can also check the sensors with the app Sensor Box.

What if you can’t download and install apps?

  • You can try using the camera in panorama, and if frames are off the grid while you glide the phone horizontally, then it must be it.

Luckily, the unit I got doesn’t have this problem.

If you have this problem, you have all the rights to ask for a different unit. If you game a lot, and your games utilizes this sensor then it is really an issue. If not, nothing to worry in particular.

There are units without issues, so to make yourself feel best regarding your purchase, opt for the “One” without issue.

Other stuff to check

You can also check for the screen if there are any dead pixels, but yet I saw only one report about it, it might be a rare case. Check the charger as well, don’t just look if its really charging. Instead, try and see if the touchscreen reacts normally while charging so you won’t get a grounded charger or unit.

I think that’s all for now.

Enjoy your new Cherry Mobile One.

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