Cherry Mobile Flare JellyBean Update cancelled forever?

The update was supposed to be rolling out since June 1 but just before that day came, Cherry Mobile announced that they will be cancelling the scheduled release of JellyBean update for Flare. Tons of Cherry Mobile Flare users are on rage of disappointment because it had never happened as promised.

Someone with a close connection on service center guy had his Flare updated to Android 4.1.2 JellyBean. Lucky for him then, and as he was saying that from the technical people behind Cherry Mobile service centers, this update could be halted forever.

Why the fuzz? We do not know, they may be seeing something that could get in way of the Cherry Mobile Flare 2.0‘s launch. Will this force the Flare users to pick on the quad-core upgrade instead of waiting in vain?

Here are some screenshots posted on FlareLove facebook group of Cherry Mobile Flare users:

Cherry Mobile Flare - JellyBean UI

Cherry Mobile Flare – JellyBean UI

Cherry Mobile Flare - JellyBean

Cherry Mobile Flare – JellyBean

With this officially leaked, users could possibly have their Flares’ updated too if this will be shared on web/groups.

Photo credits: Jerico Santos

Update: Cherry Mobile just announced that the JellyBean update will be resumed on June 10.

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