Cherry Mobile One Battery and Gaming Review

To follow-up my review of the Cherry Mobile One, here’s the battery and gaming test results.

Cherry Mobile One Battery Test

The Cherry Mobile One is packed with a 1780mAh battery, as I had said so before, we cannot expect stellar performance from it with that cell capacity. But still, people do want to know how it performs.

First, for the record, the Cherry Mobile One has good battery management. If you are on standby, it won’t drop a noticeable percentage of charge even overnight’s. Maybe it could be Android Lollipop’s optimization, and its vanilla clean OS free of unnecessary apps running in the background. There is also a battery saving setting that you can turn on, a feature of Android 5.0 that kicks in when you are near being battery empty which promises addition of at least 30 minutes of usage time by doing every possible battery-saving action it can.

I decided to go less technical with the test and go on with real-life usage scenarios to showcase how the 1780mAh battery fares.

Some stuff to consider if we are talking about battery consumption:

  • OS – Cherry Mobile One has a very optimized OS that it handles battery consumption really good.
  • Processor – the MT6582M processor, being clocked at 1.3GHz, is designed for low-power consumption while providing high computing performance.
  • Display – the display on Cherry Mobile One isa FWVGA display so it helps reduce battery consumption, comparing with higher display such as HD screens.
  • Connectivity and activity – if you are connected on a network, be it via wifi or mobile data connection, then the screen is active; it really does consumes battery more.

Test 1: Playing Clash of Clans

Cases: Wifi connection and gaming. The brightness of the display is adjusted to middle configuration and adaptive brightness is set to on. Connected to wifi but no SIM card inserted on any SIM slot. Playing Clash of Clans with media volume set to off.

I started playing 7:29 @ 99% battery.


Then at 9:18 battery is at just 23%.Screenshot_2015-02-28-21-18-45I stopped playing at 9:29, battery is only at 16%.


Well, what can we really expect; Clash of Clans is sure a power hog if played without pause.

Screenshot_2015-02-28-21-29-54 Screenshot_2015-02-28-21-30-01
Here’s the battery overview, take note that battery saving isn’t turned on. It gives you an approximate on how much more time you still have with the remaining battery charge. Also while playing CoC, the back of the Cherry Mobile One heats up, especially on the portion near the Cherry Mobile logo.

Test 2: Watching videos

Cases: Adaptive brightness turned on, brightness level set to desired level. Media volume at middle level. Video player used is the default Photos app by Google. Video played is a 360p MP4 @ 90MB file size.


I started watching from 0:24 with 73% battery left.



Ended at 0:48 with 69%.


Conclusion? Watching video on the Cherry Mobile One isn’t much of a power hog.


The battery life of the Cherry Mobile One isn’t something to be wow’ed at, you know, the greater the number (mAh) in terms of battery capacity means longer battery life. Cherry Mobile One’s 1780mAh battery sets at the mid-to-low tier, but the price makes it justifiable. For a non-heavy user, this will suffice for casual web browsing and other stuff you do with your phone.

Cherry Mobile One Gaming Test

Is the Cherry Mobile One good for gaming? Well first, what is good for you? If its screen size and quality doesnt really matter to you as long as you can play games smoothly with it then the answer is yes. The Cherry Mobile One is equipped with Mali-400 GPU and it is enough for smooth mobile gaming. Here is a sample video of Need for Speed: No Limits gameplay on the Cherry Mobile One:

Shot at night, pardon the noise on the video. Viewing angles also showcased at the end of the video.


I am not good at racing games, on serious note, the Cherry Mobile One is one capable device in terms of gaming. It may lack in terms of resolution and screen size for absolute gaming experience, given the price tag it is good to know that it is still able to deliver smooth gaming experience.

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