KATA i1 Software Upgrade officially rolls out

Here’s the details on the latest software upgrade for the KATA i1. OWTEL Shop PH recently posted a photo on their facebook page hinting this upgrade. But there isnt a complete info about it. Now, they posted a new album and it explains what’s new with the latest software upgrade.

KATA i1 Software Upgrade

KATA i1 Software Upgrade [source]

The KATA i1 Software upgrade does have the following changes:

  • Improved KATA i1 performance. From 6423 to 6657 score in Antutu Benchmark app, the improvement on the performance score is said to be brought by the upgrade.
  • Increased max CPU frequency. From flat 1.0 GHz to 1.2GHz, the maximum clocked CPU speed of the KATA i1 is increased by the upgrade.
  • Increased usable internal storage memory. From less than half a gigabyte, now almost at 2GB of internal storage is available for the upgraded KATA i1.
  • Camera quality improvements. It was said that the camera software has been upgraded as well, thus its expected to deliver better camera photos.
  • More responsive touch. Just an improvement to the touch response.
  • Adds auto update via OTA (Over-the-Air) on the app drawer. This seems to be a sign of an upcoming JellyBean update for the KATA i1.

How to Upgrade/Update KATA i1

I am not sure as it is not mentioned by the page, and I do not have a unit to test. First, must be connected to the internet then go to Settings > About phone > System update.

You might want to back up before updating as it might be a new firmware, or hopefully just some update patches, we are still not sure. Just do a back up to be on the safe side as always. As for me, here’s the stuff I used to back-up: phone contacts, messages, and apps/games. I suggest you use an app like Titanium Back Up for making the back up of your apps and games installed. (requires root though)

While many KATA i1 users expected that this software upgrade was an ICS to JellyBean upgrade, it doesnt seems like it; is as it is not mentioned. That upgrade/update terms is still kind of confusing  though. But a good thing here, we see local distributors pushing through with their efforts of technical after sales, which is a big plus factor.

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