DTC Mobile Giveaway Winners

I know you are all excited to see if you are lucky to be owning these cool new handsets from DTC Mobile PH. So without further ado, here’s the round up the winners on our previous DTC Mobile handsets giveaway.

DTC Mobile Phones

my sister is the model here. :P

Winners are just randomly selected, and for which prize they will get.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Entry #602 Kate B. – DTC GQTV1
  • Entry #1276 Mhai G. – DTC GTV1
  • Entry #1319 Margaret C. – DTC GE1
  • Entry #3187 Yani M.
  • Entry #4413 Tristan S.
  • Entry #2850 Regem V.
  • Entry #554 Onin B.
  • Entry #3984 Jeanne P.

*the rest receives a 2GB SD card each.

For the winners:

Send me an e-mail (me at askhideki dot com) with the following information: Name, e-mail, complete address, social profile or other info you had used on your entry so that I can verify your identity and discuss on how you can get your prize.

As stated also on the contest terms, you are required to submit a photo of you holding the prize. So if you think you cannot do it, you can opt to forfeit the prize.

Failure to hear from you within 7 days means a forfeiture of winning. If that will occur, I shall giveaway again the prize for others’ sake.

DTC Mobile

DTC Mobile

As for the record, we got a total of 4539 entries from hundreds of contest participants.

Thanks to all that joined. For those who didnt won, better luck next time. :)

Stay tuned for the upcoming contests that we may host again. Better yet, subscribe via e-mail to get the updates on tech reviews/tips, and yes for those upcoming phones and gadgets giveaways :)

Thanks to DTC Mobile as well. Say thanks to them by posting on their facebook wall for sponsoring this cool giveaway.

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