Cherry Mobile Titan 5-Point Multi-Touch Update: Here’s How To Do It

Good news for all Cherry Mobile Titan owners and soon-to-be’s, the 5-point multi-touch update is no longer a dream for everyone. We heard that Cherry Mobile is soon to release an update for the Titan to fix this, but there are already a few who managed to be the first geeks to try it with their devices.

It seems that the reason on the delay of restocks of Cherry Mobile Titan is this issue. Heard some feedbacks from those who just bought a new one, the 5-point multi-touch is already supported. They got v9.0 Cherry Mobile Titan, while the first batch of the Cherry Mobile W500 prior to its release was at v5.0 only.

Cherry Mobile Titan 5-point Multitouch Update

Cherry Mobile Titan 5-point Multitouch Update

So if its the one reason for you to hold back from getting a Titan, now’s the time to take that away and start scouring for a store that sells this hot-sell phablet.

Well for those who already had the Titan for quite some time already, I bet all of you had waited for so long, here’s what you can do; there are actually three ways to do it.

  1. use the ROM from a new Cherry Mobile Titan v9.0
  2. use a Spice Mi-500 ROM with the fix
  3. or just wait for the official update

If you think that the following stuff is a bit complicated for you, then just wait for the official update that will come from Cherry Mobile.

Well for the geeks, here’s what to do. First, you need to have a working CWM. I had written about it before, you can check that out. Link –> Working CWM for Titan. Also, you must have already rooted your Titan, in case you havent; check –> How to Root Titan.

The default recovery mode is no use here that’s why we really need to use CWM, then for the CWM to work flawlessly, you need to be rooted. These two are pre-requisites so be sure to accomplish those first.

The rest of the process is just by flashing a new ROM. You do that with CWM and you are done. But let me just share you some tips before you proceed.

  • Go back-up your current ROM via CWM so in case you messed up, you still have the chance to revert back.
  • Back-up your phone contacts, and messages if you might want.
  • Also your apps, games, and other installed stuff; do yourself a favor and make use of the Titanium Back-up app.

Before you start restoring a back-up, just be sure to do these so as to avoid conflicts, been doing this on my other devices every time I flash a new ROM on it:

  • Factory Reset 3x
  • Cache Wipe 3x
  • Dalvik Cache Wipe 3x

All is done via CWM. Then you may now proceed on the restore process..

Download one of these:

  • Spice Mi-500 5-point multi-touch update – link thanks to sir Randolph of Just put the archive on your CWM folder on your SD card. Go to CWM recovery and then do a restore with this back-up.
  • Titan v9.0 ROM backup – link thanks to sir Michael Paul Lachica. The same thing as mentioned above, you restore this back-up via CWM as well. This is the official Titan v9.0 ROM which came from the new batch of W500 units. PS: the v9.0 Titan ROM has a different keyboard as well.
Cherry Mobile Titan 5-point Multitouch

Cherry Mobile Titan 5-point Multitouch (source)

That’s it. Enjoy! In case you are a bit lost, watching this video sure might help.

Thanks to CM Titan fb group for the heads-up regarding this update. Go join that group to learn more, plus the people inside are really good company. Its really great to know that there is an active community that contributes to the development of such local Android device.

source, source

Update: Official Cherry Mobile Titan Software Update

Quoting from CM fanpage:

Advisory: Titan new software update is already release on our service centers nationwide.

Release Notes: Build number: Cherry_w500_ver9.0

Change logs: 5pt multi-touch support and others.


  1. Check first the build number of your smartphone (settings > about phone), if already updated with same version, no need to go to service centers.
  2. Back-up your data. Cherry Mobile is not responsible for data loss (e.g 3rd party softwares, media files etc.) during the software update.


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