GLOBE Tattoo Toolbar: How to get rid of this f*cking annoying thing

I was surprised when I accessed the back-end of my blog and this Globe Tattoo notice popped-up on my browser window out of nowhere. Identified as the Globe Tattoo Toolbar, that appears even if you had ad blocker installed or you had never installed anything that placed that toolbar on your machine.

I guess this appears on any Globe Tattoo Broadband users.

Globe Tattoo Toolbar

Globe Tattoo Toolbar

Guys, what’s your reaction to this? Have you encountered this Tattoo toolbar notice? Have you unsubscribe yet, or just let it stay?


I just decided to update this post. LOL

Its really annoying, even if you unsubscribed, you will still get the annoying pop-up notice. It happens because its a cookie-based sh*t and we do not know when that expires. If you are really lucky and didnt managed to unsubscribed when you should have to, the mini icon on the right side of your screen will stay there.

Using ad blocking plugins doesnt even help here though.

But I think, I managed to find the solution on this issue. I have been testing this, and I am almost about to forget about this as the toolbar pop-up notice didnt came up anymore.

So here’s

how to remove or get rid of the GLOBE Tattoo Toolbar:

This requires hosts file editing.

Go to C:/windows/system32/drivers/etc

Edit the hosts file. On Windows 7, you might need to copy the host file somewhere else, say your Desktop and start editing that copied file via Notepad. After saving it, just paste it on its original directory, replacing the older one. This might require Admin permissions. (UAC)

Just add this entry:


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