How to Activate/Deactivate Mobile Internet on Android Phones

Android phones can be sophisticated for some users that aren’t really into being a smartphone power-user. Take for example my friend;

My friend had bought a Samsung Galaxy Y out of my advice for a cool and cheap phone. She’s very new to Android environment, thus the looks, UI, and feel of the Galaxy Young really amazed her. But her problem reached me, her problem about her prepaid load balance is always eaten up without her being aware.

Android phones, have a lot of applications that runs into background. They mostly needs internet connection, for auto update of contents and versions. She didn’t know this, and I had a hard time making her understand this scenario. I can still remember how she had complained on me about why she was charged from downloading an app on the Android Market, when in fact that app was for free.

Data Connection Android

Data Connection Icon on Android

Internet connection from an Android device can be activated or deactivated as per users’ preferences. To deactivate Internet connection, you just:

Deactivating Internet Connection on Android

I do not know if this is the same on other Android devices. But this is how I did it on the Alcatel OT-918N.

  1. Bring down the notifications bar.
  2. Slide through the page where you can see “Data conn.”*
  3. Click it and it should be grayed out or without of  colors, means it was toggled off.

*you can see it alongside with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and Airplane mode toggle options.

That’s how it was easy to deactivate mobile internet connection from your Android device. From now on, deactivating this from your Android smartphone eliminates the occurring of unwanted data charging from your mobile prepaid balance.

While others are complaining that, they still can’t connect on the internet from their Android devices, even though they had sufficient load balance. They might haven’t activated mobile internet connectivity yet. To activate:

Activating Internet Connection on Android

  1. Bring down the notifications bar.
  2. Slide through the page where you can see “Data conn.”*
  3. Click it and it should be having colors, means it was toggled on.

*you can see it alongside with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and Airplane mode toggle options.

Seemingly similar to deactivation process. :D

But another thing to note is, selecting the proper internet settings for your Android device. If not selected, still there will be problems on connecting to the internet. To configure internet connection settings:

Configuring Internet Connection Settings on Android

  • Go to Settings > Wireless and Network settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names.
  • In some occasion, there might be already default config settings saved on your device. Thanks to your sim card.
  • From here, you can now Add, Edit, or do whatever you want with the settings.
  • Finally, to select and activate one of these settings, be sure to select it via the radio button selection.

Well, that’s it! Easy eh?

Here are some photos that might help:

Globe as Connection Settings on Android

Globe as Connection Settings on Android

On the Alcatel OT-918N, it is a dual-sim phone, you can get up to three options to select when the Data conn. icon is tapped. When I took this screen, only one sim is inside the phone.

Android Access Point Settings

Access Point Settings on Android

This is what you can see on Settings > Wireless and Network settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names.

Data Connection Indicator on Android

Data Connection Indicator on Android

My screen captured image might look very dull, haha but what I am pertaining to is the icon above that you can see when an internet packet data transfer is active. They turn green so as to mean that there is an active connection happening. Just like how the Wi-Fi icon animates.

So well, that’s it. I hope somebody can find this post helpful to them. Plus, this is really a basic knowledge that everybody might already know and found out themselves.

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